Glenys Earle

Glenys Earle, flower essence researcher and New Millennium Essences co-creator

Glenys Earle is a modern-age mystic and researcher, with the interesting background of having an honours degree in physics, as well as being a passionately dedicated yoga teacher and natural health researcher. She is also a keen traveller, speaks German, and is very widely read and with a high level of expertise in many subjects. Glenys has a Certificate in Adult Teaching from the University of Canterbury, and she offers the New Milennium Essences workshops.

Glenys is Australian, originally from Melbourne. She was a full-time partner and researcher with New Millennium Essences from 2003 until 2010, when she started New Millennium Oils, specialising in aromatherapy and energy-balancing products. All her aromatherapy spray and massage blends contain New Millennium Essences, as well as her own range of organic essential oils.

After a series of health crises in the early 1980s, Glenys became a passionate yoga student, eventually a yoga teacher, a Reiki practitioner, a very knowledgeable user of essential oils, and, from 2003, a researcher in flower essences, and in her specialty of tree essences.

Glenys is currently researching the links between vibrational or energy medicine, and quantum physics. Since 2004 she has followed the 13 Moon and Mayan calendars. Glenys is a keen student of Integral Spiritual Practice, and also has strong interests in Esoteric Astrology, Geomancy and Permaculture. She is also New Zealand National Hub Leader with The Difference movie project.

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