Lisa Bruens

Lisa Bruens, flower essence practitioner and New Millennium essence co-creator.

Lisa Bruens emigrated from NZ to the Blue Mountains, Australia in 2004. Paralleling Peter's journey with essences, she became involved in the early part of the New Millennium Essence project with the research and development of new essences, and their definitions and affirmations.

Working extensively with New Millennium and a variety of global essences, and combining her skills as a counsellor and energy healer, Lisa has worked as a therapist in Wellington and Waiheke Island. While she no longer has day-to-day involvement with the development of New Millennium Essences, her contribution at the foundation level has been invaluable to the inception and initial growth of these wonderful tools for transformation.

Lisa now works as a Transformational Therapist and utilises the healing power of New Millennium Essences and her own new Middle Earth Essences, to assist emotional and cellular healing. She incorporates Theta Healing and her other skills to change false, outmoded beliefs and helps bring strength, clarity and peace to deal with the turmoil of modern life.

Lisa currently resides in Sydney, Australia and may be contacted on her mobile at +61 424 675970.

Lisa's email is

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