Peter Archer

Peter Archer, flower essence practitioner and New Millennium Essences founder

Peter Archer is a modern-day visionary, a researcher with a technical and scientific background, and the founder of New Millennium Essences.

From 1992, Peter has worked intensively with many natural health modalities, focusing most of his research efforts on flower essences and essential oils. Never content with the status quo, his life has been a continuing journey of pushing out the limits of what is possible and achievable.

Among the results of his ongoing innovative efforts, Peter has made many breakthroughs in the field of flower essence therapy, and in related natural health modalities. The Super-Essences, the New Energy Essences, the New Generation Alchemy Essences, the Core Issues Essences and the Zero Point Field Essences are just a few examples of how he has continually taken the art and science of flower essences to new heights.

As well as his passionate interest in flower essence therapy, Peter graduated from the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine in 2005 with a diploma in aromatherapy. Peter has already made significant advances in the field of therapeutic aromatherapy, including creating a range of specialist flower essences to enhance the effectiveness (energetic and physical) of blends of essential oils and flower essences.

Peter is also a very passionate organic gardener, is very widely read, and is a talented writer, currently working on authoring several books.

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Click to follow Peter on Twitter

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