Potato Vine, the flower essence for support.

Animal Healing Support Set

Part Two of our animal healing flower essences......

Here is the support set for our “Animal Healing Practitioner's Essence Set”, for the treatment of animals. The essences on this page are all of a “general” nature, in that they are not exclusively for “animal-specific” issues (unlike the essences in Animal Healing Practitioner's Set. These essences on this page are “generic”, in that they are also for humans, and they are also offered as part of our Practitioner's Super-Essence Set (for treating people), If you have this set already, or are ordering it, you will not need the Animal Healing Support Set described on this page.

Note also that essences on this page are individual flower essences, suppled as stock-strength, in 10ml (approx. one third of an ounce) bottles. See also our Animal Helpers range of essence mixture products for animals, which comprise mixtures of essences for specific animal-health issues, and for which the individual essences on this page, and from Part One of this set, are the major ingredients.

The essences in the first group on this page are all “Super-Essences”.

Click on the name of the Super-Essence, or on the picture of the flower, to go to a page that fully describes that Super-Essence.....

Potato Vine, the Support essence. Click to see details. Support    Super-Essence
The hand behind the back.....  giving strength and support when the road feels rocky and the legs feel unsteady. Physical and mental. Like the hand of God (or Spirit) is supporting one, but also an essence that has a very physical effect. “Relax and let go. Find your still centre. At peace with the world.”
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Rescued Animals set.

Roseraie de l' Hay rose, the stress essence. Click for details Stress    Super-Essence
For help with all types and degrees of stress. From the mild feeling of “feeling helpless”, feeling “delicate”, going to break, through to the point of heading for full depression.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Horses Healing set and the Rescued Animals set.

Flax, the fears essence. Click to see details Fears    Super-Essence
For fear, especially fears about the future. Also for feeling delicate, vulnerable and fragile - about to break. To move back from the edge of fear, to reclaim the courage of one’s heart.   Also to allow oneself to be nurtured, and to reclaim one’s dis-owned shadow self.

Parsley, the Body Balance essence. Click to see details Body Balance    Super-Essence
Stimulates stagnant energy into movement, and allows one to “wake up and live a new day.” For people, and animals, who are feeling as if their energy is ebbing. Stimulates the free flow of new ideas, and fresh energy, regeneration energy.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Horses Healing set.

Violet Lavatera, the Feeling Flat essence. Click to see details Feeling Flat    Super-Essence
To lift out of “feeling blue” (similar, but not quite the same, as depression). Feeling helpless, lethargic, bored.  To lift out of an unproductive phase, and move into activity. Subdued, uncertain......   not sure where to go next.   Fallen into a slump. To chase away the grey clouds, and the sun lights your way.

Spiraea japonica, the anger flower essence. Click for details Anger and Resentment    Super-Essence
To help in resolving one's anger, and a tendency to blow up at the slightest provocation.  Also for resentment and bitterness, where one tends to blame the other for one's problems.

Red Salvia, the Base Chakra anchoring essence. Click to see details Grounding    Super-Essence
Connecting one’s energy to the energy of the Earth.  Also, to assist a person, or an animal, in anchoring one’s spirit into one’s base chakra, with all of one’s feet firmly on the ground, rather than jumping out of one’s body.

All of the above are “Super-Essences”, ie. little mini-mixes made up of individual component essences.  The essences that follow are individual flower essences.....

Click to see details of Pink Verbena, the nurturing essence Nurturing    Pink Verbena
The essence of the “Pink Lady”,  Lady Nada. Soothes the weary-hearted, a heart balm. For any person, or animal that is in need of nurturing. This flower essence gives one the strength to open up to healing.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Rescued Animals set.

Rosy Cushion Rose, the energy from the past essence. Click to see details. Energy of the Past    Rosy Cushion Rose
To help process, integrate and dissolve an energy state in the body that originates from past experience. It is like our bodies are weighed down and clogged up with this energy that originates from past events that we have judged to be hurtful or “bad”. One consequence of being constantly in this energy-state is a heightened level of self-doubt.

White Magnolia - the master orchestrator essence. Click for details White Magnolia    The “master” essence, that ties it all together. To be added to every essence mixture that contains any of the Super-Essences. Provides energies for the mix, that include..... linking together of the Super-Essence healing energies, moderating the “healing crisis”, and managing the strength of the healing energies.
This Master Linkage Essence is supplied as standard in all of our Super-Essence Sets.

The above ten Flower Essences are available as our  “Animal Healing Support Set”.
You can order the essences individually, or purchase them as a complete boxed set.

All of these Essences and Super-Essences are supplied at stock strength, in the “industry-standard” type brown glass bottles with glass droppers, in 10 ml size (one third of an American fluid ounce).  For an explanation of what “stock strength” means, please read this explanation in our F.A.Q's section.

For a concise, short, explanation of what a “Super-Essence” is, please refer to this explanation in our F.A.Q's section.   For more detailed in-depth information about “Super-Essences”, please refer to this article.

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These individual essences are also the constituent ingredients in our range of Animal Helper essence mixtures, which are mixtures of essences, each one for a specific animal-health issue, designed to be used as powerful “straight-from-the-bottle” animal-health solutions, and supplied as treatment-strength solutions, in larger 30ml (approx one ounce), bottles.

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