Viper's Bugloss - one of the key ingredients in these aromatherapy and flower essence products

Aromatherapy Products

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Our aromatherapy products fall into two main categories. There is a range of top-quality essential oils, for use in a vaporizer or for therapeutic aromatherapy use, and there are our Aromatherapy Spray Blends, which are a range of blended mixtures of aromatherapy essential oils, plus our own flower essences.

Our essential oils are genuine therapeutic-grade essential oils, grown on organic farms, or ethically and sustainably gathered from wild plants. These oils are processed in small distilleries, in small batches, by artisan distillers who are dedicated to producing only top-quality genuine aromatherapy therapeutic-grade essential oils, specifically for use by aromatherapists and other holistic health-care practitioners.

And we also have a range of blended mixtures of aromatherapy essential oils, plus our own New Millennium Essences flower essences. These blends are much more than just simple mixtures of the individual component flower essences and essential oils. Our research has led us to develop totally new ways to link together the component healing energies of flower essences and essential oils, so that each blend comprises a synergistic whole, where the energies are tightly linked together to form new types of healing combinations.

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Organic Essential Oils
Rose Otto, one of our exquisite essential oils. Click to see details Our range of essential oils has been specially chosen by us for their high quality, suitable for therapeutic use in aromatherapy. Where possible, our oils are organically farmed, or sustainably harvested from wild plants. We specialize in some of the more unusual and hard-to-get essential oils, and have quite a collection of the new Australian oils, such as Fragonia and Kunzea, both already becoming well-renowned for their amazing healing properties.

Aromatherapy Spray Blends
Viper's Bugloss, a key ingredient of these aromatherapy and flower essence blends. Click to see details A range of blended aromatherapy and flower essence mixtures, for personal and environmental use. This range includes blends for cleansing negative and toxic energies from the human aura, from houses and buildings, as well as cleansing land. The environmental spray blends can also deodorize and freshen indoor areas. Our spray blends are made with pure organic or wildcrafted essential oils and our powerful New Millennium Essences flower essences.

Flower Essences for Aromatherapy Enhancement
Mel's Purple Anthurium, one of the specialist flower essences. Click for details We have developed a range of specialist flower essences for use in combination blends of essential oils and flower essences. These specialist essences are for enhancing the effectiveness of the combination blends of essential oils and flower essences in various ways, and in doing this they effectively create a new (combined) healing modality, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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