Viper's Bugloss - one of the key ingredients in these aromatherapy and flower essence products

Aromatherapy Spray Blends

Our range of blends of flower essences plus aromatherapy essential oils.....

We have undertaken some ground-breaking original research into ways of combining together flower essences and aromatherapy essential oils. The products on these pages are the results of this research. Note that all of our spray products are now supplied in an attractive 50ml frosted glass spray bottle.

These blended mixtures of aromatherapy essential oils, plus flower essences, are much more than just simple mixtures of the individual component flower essences and essential oils. Our research has led us to develop totally new ways to link together the component healing energies of flower essences and essential oils, so that each blend comprises a synergistic whole, where the energies are tightly linked together to form new types of healing combinations. In short, what we have here is the birth of a new healing modality.

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Zero-Point Remedy
Yellow Canna Lily, a key ingrediient of the Zero-Point Remedy. Click for details Our “Zero-Point Remedy” is a combination blend of our “best of the best”. This spray-bottle product combines together the sheer power of our new Zero Point Essences, along with some of the best of our older “tried and true” essences, blended into a powerful synergy with several dilute organic essential oils, a new homeopathic remedy, and a new homeo-botanical remedy, all of our own design. Carry a bottle in your pocket or handbag, and have it on hand whenever one of life's little crises strikes.

Aura Cleansing
High Hopes Rose, a key ingredient of our Aura Cleansing Spray. Click to see details Our Aura Cleansing Spray, combining together the power of our specialist flower essences for aura cleansing and repair, a carefully chosen blend of organic essential oils for clearing and balancing energies, and our special essences for integrating together these two modalities. This product helps cleanse and repair the human aura, or energy field, of damage caused by negative emotional energies, past trauma or radiation. This is one of our most popular products.

Travel Ease
Charles Rafill Magnolia, a key ingredient of our Travel Ease Spray. Click for details Our combination aromatherapy and flower essence spray product for help with the various issues associated with travel. Includes help with the energetic effects of travel on the body, with jet lag, motion sickness, air travel, tiredness, body cycles disruption, and earth energy disruption.

Feng Shui House Cleansing
Pink and White Magnolia, a key ingredient of our Feng Shui House Cleansing Spray. Click to see details Our Feng Shui House Cleansing Spray, combining together the power of our Feng Shui flower essences, a carefully chosen blend of organic essential oils, and our special essences for integrating together these two modalities. This product cleanses the space, and deodorizes and freshens the air. This is also a very popular product.

Environment Magic
Small White Magnolia, a key ingredient of our Environment Magic Spray. Click to see details This spray product is a combination of powerful flower essences, and essential oils, designed to energetically cleanse the environment and to provide help for many of the health-degrading factors that are often encountered inside buildings, especially in the workplace. This spray blend can be used both as an environmental spray and as a personal spray, and is especially designed for use in dealing with many of the factors often found to be causes of “sick building syndrome”.

Kitchen and Bathroom Spray
Queen City Dahlia, a key ingredient of our Kitchen and Bathroom Spray. Click to see details For those areas of the house or workplace where strong odor is an issue. An extra-strong blend of aromatherapy essential oils, plus our flower essences for really deep energetic cleansing. This blend is good for kitchens (home and commercial), for toilets, for anywhere where strong odors are an issue.

Lavender, a key ingredient of our Land Healing Spray. Click to see details Land Cleansing and Healing
Our Feng Shui Land Healing Spray, for cleansing emotional energies from the land, and helping the land to come back into balance and harmony. Also helps with balancing ley lines, releasing geopathic stress, etc.

And our last spray blend is for energetically cleansing crystals. It is not strictly an Aromatherapy spray, as it contains no essential oils -- after all, we wouldn't want to coat the crystals with a film of oils! However, this spray blend contains several powerful flower essences from our range.

Tropic Glow Rhododendron, a key ingredient of our Crystal Cleansing Spray. Click to see details Crystal Cleansing Spray
This new spray product is for the cleansing and revitalizing of crystals. Over time, some crystals eventually take on a “muddy” energy, and this flower essence spray contains ingredients for cleansing and revitalizing of crystals.

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All of the essential oils used in the above products are of the very highest quality, being either organic or wildcrafted (ie. gathered from the wild, in a sustainable manner). They are the same therapeutic-grade essential oils that we offer for sale on our Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oil Product Page.

Our “core technology” for this new healing modality includes three new very important flower essences, that are included in every one of these combination aromatherapy spray blend products. These three flower essences are the “Hampden Street” version of our White Magnolia, which provides the “master linkage” energies, our Dark Pink Camellia, which combines and moderates the component energies of the essential oils and flower essences, and our Viper's Bugloss essence, which acts as a “resonance enhancer” for the healing qualities of the essential oils. For more details of these three essences, and some other similar specialist essences, go to this page.

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Note also, that we are not offering our services in any way as “professional aromatherapists” by offering these products, and this information. If you desire to have the services of a professional aromatherapist, you are advised to seek the services of a person who is suitably qualified in that modality.

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