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It is our intent to use this section of this Site to publish a lot of flower essence related information.

Some of these articles have been written especially for publication on this site, and some have been re-published from magazine articles by Peter Archer or Glenys Earle.

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First of all, we would like to mention our Blog, that Peter writes, on a range of topics.

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This is Glenys's first article on flower essences, which was written for the New Zealand Body, Mind & Spirit Magazine...

" Introduction to Flower Essences and their Natural Healing Properties"

It was followed a couple of months later with this second article, which explores the real “essence” of flower essences...

" The Secrets of Flowers and Flower Essences"

And next, an article by Peter about the Bach Flowers and how they relate to modern flower essences.....

"Bach Flowers in the context of the 21st Century"

And, a “beginners” article, for those new to flower essences....

"Essence Therapy Explained"

This next article explains some important points about our “Super-Essences”.....

"The Wheel has turned Full-Circle"

And next, an article the outlines the discovery of the Super-Essences and some of the implications of this.....

"Super-Essences - What are they?"

And, a series by Peter that was originally published in 2000,  in the New Zealand magazine “Inspiration Input”.  Enjoy!

Part One of  "Releasing the Past with Essences"

Part Two of  "Releasing the Past with Essences"

Part Three of  "Releasing the Past with Essences"

Part Four of  "Releasing the Past with Essences"

A two-part series on the “Indigo Children”, originally published in “Inspiration Input” during 2000.

Part One "Who are the Indigo Children?"

Part Two "This is Your Wake-Up call!"

An article about how living a “spiritual” life is mainly about doing really well whatever our heart, and our soul, is calling us to do.....

Nothing Special

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