New Millennium Flower Essences - Innovative new ways of using old therapies

The “Super Essences” - an Introduction

“A New Slant on a Well-Established Therapy”

Part One

The conventional way of using flower essences and gem essences is to mix into a bottle as many of the essences that are needed. This is the system that I had always used, as taught to me by Mary Garbely, (Mary was my original teacher of flower essences) and also as recommended by Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra, and by many others.

This system works well, but it does have its limitations and drawbacks:

The above is one of the reasons that flower and gem essence therapy has not “taken off” in a really major way. The thought of making such a big commitment by purchasing and becoming familiar with a kit of over one hundred remedies is just too daunting for most people.....

Over the years, I have pondered the implications of the above. It annoyed me that here we have one of the most powerful and versatile therapies on Earth, and yet, despite the untiring efforts, over many years, of many good people in promoting essence therapy, people like Mary Garbely and Machaelle Small Wright, flower and gem essences remain one of the “best-kept secrets” of the natural healing world.

I have often thought that “there has to be an answer to this! We need a new way of working with essences”.

Well, someone must have heard me, because, in October 2000, the answer finally came to me, and I was provided with the necessary tools to overcome these limitations that seemed to be inherent in essence work.....

Enter Super-Essences!

It came in a flash of inspiration, as such breakthroughs usually do.
It was during the spiritual fair in New Plymouth, at Labour Weekend, 2000.
It came as I was pondering this dilemma.... suddenly, I “saw” the answer.

The key to resolving this issue was to combine the individual essences into little “groups” of essences, with several individual essences mixed together in the one bottle making up each “group”. And, instead of supplying essence practitioners with a large number of bottles of stock-strength individual essences, a much smaller number of bottles (stock strength) of these “groups” of essences would make up a full essence kit.

Now, there is nothing totally new about this idea. Mixtures of essences like these have been around for years..... but they never seem to have “taken off”.

So, what would be different about the New Millennium mini-mixes?

These Essence Mixes are a lot “Different”.....

In the car on the way home, driving from New Plymouth to Hawkes Bay, I continued to ponder this, and the picture gradually came clear to me as to how this would work. What was needed was some “linkage energies”. These linkage energies would provide the “missing ingredient”, allowing each little “group” essence (or, “Super-Essence”, as I was by now calling them), to energetically hold its own identity, even when mixed together in a single bottle with other “Super-Essences”. And, as always, Nature provided what was needed.... as soon as asked. I was drawn to visit a beach in West Taranaki, and there on the beach I found the stones which held the energies of the “linkage essences”.

Note that from February 2002, a new updated version of the “linkage” energy was provided, in the form of the new White Magnolia flower essence, and that from February 2002  it is this White Magnolia that is supplied as the linkage essence with all of the New Millennium “Super-Essence” kits.

As soon as I arrived home from that inspiring weekend, I got straight to work on defining the “Super Essences” themselves. Each “Super-Essence” would be identified by the name of the issue that it is for treating. For example, the Super Essence for treating all aspects of the issue of abundance would be known as the Abundance Super-Essence.
The Super-Essence for treating all types of depression would be known simply as the Depression Super-Essence. The Super-Essence for treating the various issues in family relationships would be the Family Relationships Super-Essence.

Such a simple and elegant solution! Not only do we solve the problems of a practitioner having to have in their kit a very large number of individual essences, but we also have ended up with a huge simplification in the process of diagnosis!
No longer is it necessary to test to see which, for example, of the four individual essences is needed for treating the issue of “abundance”...... all that we have to do is give the person the “Abundance” Super-Essence!  The diagnosis process becomes so simple, that anyone can do it!

And, this simplicity led me on to the next obvious thing.....

The “Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Set”.

Let's assemble a nice little set, with a small number of “Super-Essences”, comprising the “core”, most important issues that are commonly encountered in the average family. And, let's supply this set to ordinary people who have never used essences before, thus introducing these people to this powerful therapy.
But, this set is not a “toy”. This set packs a real punch, and will give these people a powerful healing tool for themselves and their families.

And..... let's make this “ Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Setexpandable. So that, as well as being a powerful little kit in its own right, it also forms the starting point for the larger “ Super-Essence Practitioner's Set”. This way, if a person is not certain as to whether they wish to go the “full way” and become an essence practitioner, they can “begin small” with the Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Set, using this as their starting point, without the need for a large investment..... gain experience in essence work, and later decide whether they wish to upgrade to the full Practitioner's Set.

By doing it this way.....  as well as bringing a highly useful little kit to many people who would otherwise just not get into flower essences at all, we would also be introducing essences to a lot of people who would eventually graduate into being the “practitioners of the future”.

What are the “Super-Essences”?

Each of the New Millennium “Super-Essences” is actually made up of a mixture of several (from one to six, with four being a typical number) individual essences, combined together to form one integrated entity, a “Super-Essence”.

Each “Super-Essence” is for a particular issue, and it covers this issue very comprehensively. The whole definitely is greater than the “sum of the parts”.

And, because of this comprehensive nature of the Super-Essences, a relatively small number of Super-Essences will give a practitioner a very functional and comprehensive set of essences.

An Example of a Typical “Super-Essence”.

The “Abundance” Super-Essence is made up from the following four individual essences:

Plum   To encourage the energy of abundance in one's life. Experiencing a severe sense of lack in one's life. For people who believe they do not have the ability to create a rich life full of love.

Total Abundance   The essence of Total Abundance. When all of the work has been done, resolving all blocks to coming into full realisation of who we really are.

Cabbage Tree   To hold the truth of prosperity. To help let go of the blocks that prevent us from totally knowing that we have eternal access to Divine Abundance. (Like - there is nothing to want, we already have it.)

Dark Pink Bush   To help with the assimilation of sugar in one's diet. Also to help in the assimilation of sweetness in one's life; where a person works hard at denying oneself happiness.

The “Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Set”

Each of the above four individual “abundance” essences, on its own, is very powerful. But, put the four of them together, into a “Super Essence”, and they combine together to form a new energetic entity where the whole truly is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

This combined entity becomes, literally, “The Essence of Abundance”, covering the issue of abundance totally, from every possible angle.

Because of the extra power of these “Super-Essences”, compared with the traditional way of using single essences, it is possible to put together a kit of these “Super-Essences” where a surprisingly small number of Super-Essences is sufficient to cover all of the health-related issues likely to be found in the average personal or family setting. Such a kit is the New Millennium “Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Set”, comprising just fourteen bottles, of which ten are Super-Essences covering the following issues:

....and four are the more powerful, single “New Energy” flower essences that were discovered from 2002 onwards:

The last three flower essences are the core of our work, and they cover issues that absolutely everyone needs in their first two or three flower essence treatments.

This kit comprises thirteen 10-ml dropper bottles, with each bottle containing a stock strength mixture of the appropriate essences that make up that “Super-Essence”.
Supplied is also a 25-ml bottle of the   White Magnolia  “linkage” essence that provides energies to facilitate the mixing together of two or more of the Super-Essences, so that, in the resulting mix of two or more of the “Super-Essences”, each Super-Essence holds its own energy identity, and the whole mixture does not become just a massive mix of all of the individual component essences that make up each Super-Essence.

The “Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Set” of these 14 Super-Essences actually fills two roles.....

(1) It is a self-contained powerful health kit for personal and family use, covering many of the health-related issues met by the average person or family.

(2) It forms the starting point for the professional practitioner, as it comprises the 14 most important Super-Essences for practitioner use. Add to this basic kit a further thirty Super-Essences (listed below), and you have the “Practitioner's Set” of forty-four Super-Essences.

“This set of 44 Super-Essences must be the most powerful, comprehensive practitioner’s essence set of its type on Planet Earth today.”

The Practitioner’s Set

The extra thirty Super-Essences that are added in to the fourteen from the Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Set, to make up the forty-four of the “Practitioner's Set”, are as follows......

Each of the Super-Essences is actually a “mini-mix” in its own right, and may be used stand-alone for the treatment of that specific issue. However, it is also possible to mix together in one treatment bottle, a mixture of several of the Super-Essences. To make up such a mixture, four drops from each stock bottle of the appropriate Super-Essence, along with five drops of the White Magnolia  “linkage” essence, are added into a 25 ml treatment bottle filled with water and (optionally) a little brandy.

In Part Two we will look at the diagnosis and dispensing of the Super-Essences, and at other, specialised, expansion options for Practitioners beyond the Practitioner's Set of 44 Super-Essences.

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