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The “Super Essences” - an Introduction

“A New Slant on a Well-Established Therapy”

Part Two

Diagnosis and Dispensing of the Super Essences.....

The diagnosis process for the New Millennium Super Essences is much the same as for when working with individual flower essences, except that it is much easier, especially for a beginner.

The diagnostic process is, of course, largely intuitive; although, because we are now working with bottles of mini-mixes that are for particular issues, the simplest way of doing a basic diagnosis can be little more than the application of plain old “common sense”.  This simplicity of using the Super-Essences, at the basic family-health level, will serve to open up flower essence therapy to many more people.

My own technique is to run down the list of Super-Essences, with my pendulum in my hand, testing intuitively, but, at the same time, using my intellect to alert me to any “obvious” ones that “should” test positive for this person.

For full details on intuitive diagnosis, and on the dispensing of essences, see the page in our on-line Practitioner's Manual on The Diagnosis, and on Dispensing.  The processes involved are very much the same, whether one is working with individual essences or with the Super-Essences.

Dispensing of Super-Essences

The difference between the dispensing of individual essences and of the Super-Essences is as follows:

If the client needs just one single Super-Essence, four drops from the stock bottle of this one Super-Essence are added to the treatment bottle (the treatment bottle being a 25ml dropper bottle, filled with pure water and with (optionally) a little brandy added as a preservative).

Or, if the client, (or yourself), needs just a single dose of one Super-Essence, give them a single drop from the stock bottle, directly in the mouth.

If the client needs two or more Super-Essences in a mix, add four drops from each of the stock bottles of each Super-Essence that is needed into the treatment bottle, and also add five drops from the stock bottle of the White Magnolia “linkage” essence.

The White Magnolia “linkage” essence provides the energies to allow the Super-Essences to be all mixed together into a treatment bottle and still retain their individual identities, rather than for all of the individual component essences from each Super-Essence to just blend together into one giant mix of individual essences.

For details of each of the Super-Essences, including the definitions of each component essence, please refer to the Practitioner's Set Section.

Further Expansion

If you have started out with the basic Practitioner's Essentials Mini-Set” of the fourteen core most important Super-Essences, you can at any time upgrade this to the full Practitioner's Set of forty-four Super-Essences. You will be supplied with the extra thirty bottles. For details of pricing, etc, please refer to our Pricing Policy.

Beyond the Practitioner's Set (the set of 44), there is the Expanded Set, which adds in a further twenty Super-Essences to the Practitioner's Set. A list of what is in this Expansion Set is below. There are also various “Category Sets”, which are listed in full on the Super-Essence Index Page.

The following are a list of the Super-Essences that are in the Expanded Set ......

Click here for full details of this Expanded Set, which contains all of the above Super-Essences.

The following Super-Essences are in the Addiction Set .....

The Addiction Set also contains several others that are also part of the Practitioner's Set.

The following are the other Super-Essences that can be obtained from us as individual bottles (stock strength, brown glass bottles, with glass dropper, of 10 ml size, ie. one third American fluid ounce.) ......

Any of the above Super Essences can be ordered as single bottles (stock strength, brown glass bottle, with glass dropper, of 10 ml size, ie. one third American fluid ounce.), or in various sets and mini-sets, as described in this Super-Essence Index Page.

They are all available now.

For pricing details, please refer to our Pricing Page.

Replacement Single Bottles

At any time, when one or more of your bottles runs low, you can order replacement bottles from us.

To read another article about the Super-Essences, and why they are so important, and some of the implications of this, click here.

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