Clodagh McGredy Rose, one of the Programmed Construct essences

Constructs in the Deep Subconscious Mind

The results of our recent research into how the body and subconscious mind hold the energy of dysfunctional unbalanced trauma and false beliefs from a person's past.

After twenty years of intensive ongoing research into the mechanisms of how unbalanced disruptive energy patterns are held in the human subconscious mind, and hence manifest in the body/mind as symptoms of ill-health (physical, mental or emotional)......

In early 2012 Peter Archer finally uncovered the actual mechanism of the “bottom layer” of this process. This webpage, and the accompaning pdf file document and audio file describe the details of this, along with his method that he developed for the healing of it.

Briefly.... every time that a person has an experience that is experienced as being “difficult” or “traumatic”, if the experience is not dealt with and totally resolved, a legacy of energetic “constructs” is deposited deeply into the subconscious mind.

These Constructs were discovered by Peter while delving deeply into his own subconscious mind, searching for solutions to many of his own ongoing body and emotional symptoms and “issues”.

By early 2012, this was a process that Peter had been constantly progressing and refining for twenty years. somewhat like the dream-work of Carl Jung, in Jung's search for his “inner demons”, as recorded in Jung's “Red Book”, and as he describes in his “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”. Peter was, however, also working in the tradition laid down by Samuel Hahneman (the founder of homeopathy), and Dr Edward Bach, the founder of modern-day flower essence therapy.

Over the previous twenty years, Peter had followed a path of continuously drilling down, deeper and deeper, into his own subconscious mind “inner demon issues”, and also in his practitioner work with his clients. By early 2012, he had reached a very deep layer, as described in the pdf file, and on the audio file.

In order to provide an easy-to-use toolkit to help resolve and heal these constructs, Peter developed a flower essence to energetically dissolve each of them. This webpage describes those essences.

Click on each picture, or link, to view a webpage with a large picture of that flower, and a description of the essence....

Programmed Construct     Clodagh McGredy Rose
Clodagh McGredy Rose, the essence for releasing Programmed Constructs. Click for details A flower essence for dissolving the “Programmed Constructs” that were deeply embedded in a person's psyche at a young age, up to the age of about 13. These Constructs are the result of a person's mental and emotional thought processes that occur as a reaction to what happened. The causative incident can be a major trauma, or it can be seemingly trivial, although the greater the trauma, the more intense and deep will be the resulting Construct. Often, the Construct is the result of an accumulative ongoing situation in the person's life, that might have carried on for months or years.

Dysfunctional Trauma Energy     Grace Rose
Grace Rose, the essence for releasing Dysfunctional Trauma Energy. Click for details A flower essence for dissolving “Dysfunctional Trauma Energy”, which is an energetic construct that has been embedded into the cellular memory of a specific body organ (or body structure), and also into the corresponding region of the subconscious mind, as a legacy of a specific trauma incident in the past. Every time that a person suffers a trauma event, of any type (physical, emotional or mental), one of these Dysfunctional Trauma Energy constructs is embedded into the body cells of the organ, or body structure, that was affected by the trauma. For example, if a person has suffered from a “broken heart”, there will be a resulting Dysfunctional Trauma Energy construct embedded in the cellular memory of their heart. This process is very common, and most people have hundreds of these constructs, many of them fairly minor, but some of them major. They are a major contributor to PTS syndrome (Post Traumatic Stress). The process of these constructs being embedded into the body/mind can happen at any age, although it is very common in children, because children are not so worldly-wise as adults, and are usually wide open to destructive energies.

Feelings Construct     Blue and Purple Hydrangeas
Blue and Purple Hydrangeas, the essence for releasing Feellings Construct Energy. Click for details A flower essence for dissolving “Feelings Constructs”, which are energetic constructs that are embedded in the subconscious mind, and which originated from situations in a person's childhood where they had intense feelings about a situation in their life over which they felt upset and/or helpless. In most cases, this causative situation carried on for months or years, and because the brains of children are not fully developed, especially in young children, and their minds work mainly in the feeling part of the brain, the energy of any unresolved issues that they feel strongly about has to go somewhere, so it ends up being stored away in the subconscious mind as a “Feelings Construct”. Everybody has many of these Feelings Constructs, and often, a child will have a number of them being formed simultaneously. When the child grows up into adulthood, these Feeling Constructs will become part of the overall “personality” of the adult, and will be a contributing force for many psychological and emotional traits, like phobias, beliefs, low self-worth, etc, and also will be a factor driving some physical body symptoms.

Genetic Constructs     Country Lass Rose
Country Lass Rose, the essence for releasing Genetic Construct Energy. Click for details A flower essence for dissolving “Genetic Constructs”, which are energetic constructs that are embedded in the body and the subconscious mind, and which are passed down with a person's DNA from pervious generations. These Genetic Constructs are actually the main mechanism for passing on inherited traits, especially traits that mainly affect the mind. They are intertwined with the energetic DNA, inseperable from it, and have a major influence on the thought processes, and also on the body processes, of the person. They are a way of passing down family-line characteristics, along with the DNA. Some of these Genetic Constructs will have a beneficial effect, however much of it only serves to keep limitations on the person, and a lot of it is not especially relevant to a 21st century human.

Meme Resolution     Dark Pink Dahlia
Dark Pink Dahlia, the essence for dissolving memes. Click for details A flower essence for dissolving memes. Memes are “viruses of the mind”, and are passed from person to person throughout the mass consciousness of humanity. They can be likened to very powerful thoughtforms, that actually have an energetic reality, and embed themselves in people's minds. It is because of memes that it is often difficult to change mainstream mass beliefs, because, even if compelling new evidence appears that is in direct contradiction to the prevailing mass belief, the old belief pattern is firmly held in place energetically by its supporting memes, which have taken on a life of their own.

Miasm Dissolve     Moonlight Rose
Moonlight Rose, the flower essence for dissolving miasms. Click for details A flower essence for dissolving miasms. Miasms are energetic constructs that are buried in the body, hidden away in the energy anatomy, and also energetically embedded into the body cells. They are often genetically inherited, passed down through many generations, and some of them also act very similar to memes, and can be passed from person to person. They have a disruptive effect on the proper functioning of the body energy, and can often be a contributing factor to physical or mental illness.

Embedded Trauma Energy     Red Bon Salvia
Red Bon Salvia, the essence for releasing body-cell Trauma Energy. Click for details A flower essence for dissolving trauma energy from body cells, where the trauma energy is causing the tissue of the affected area of the body to “freeze” or to “solidify” in some way. For example, this could be an area of muscular tissue, where the muscle(s) lock up or contract automatically, in response to a signal from the subconscious mind, if the person experiences a situation in their present life that has a resemblance to the situation of the original trauma. This essence was first discovered in order to help a woman who had the trauma in her body from having been the victim of a sexual assault, and as a result of that, it was impossible for her to have a sexual relationship with any man. (Yes, in this instance the essence worked, and she was healed.)

For more details about these Constructs, and how they were discovered, see this pdf file

If you have any questions or comments about these essences, or if you would like to know more about them, or feel moved to try them, please  us.

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