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Flower Essence Custom Mix Consultations

Would you like an essence treatment?

We can send a customized bottle of essences to you anywhere in the world.....  distance is no barrier.

Your bottle would contain a mixture of exactly the essences that you need.

We have recently developed a new innovation for our treatment mixes, in which two “layers” of treatments are embedded into the same bottle. You are effectively getting two treatments for the price of one! It allows you to progress through a lot more issues much faster than has been possible up to now. And this is what is needed for these challenging times that we live in!!

A “typical” bottle would contain two layers, with between six and twelve of our New Millennium essences and/or our “Super-Essences” per layer, the exact ones that will benefit you the most right now.

The first “layer” lasts for a preprogrammed number of days (typically 16 to 20 days), then the second “layer” is activated for a further preset number of days, usually around 18 to 22 days. When the first “layer” finishes, the second is automatically activated, you don't have to do anything. Simply keep taking the mixture, one to two drops per dose. You may or may not notice when the second layer begins.

For a sample of testimonials from a few people who have used this service, please see our Testimonials Page.

Also, we set up two special pages on this website, that show you exactly what is in each layer of your essence mixture, pages that are private to you. Click here to see a sample of one of these custom mixture pages. We EMail you the link to your custom pages, and you can look at the photos of the flowers, read about the issues that are covered by the essences, use the affirmations, etc.

It is useful, but not essential, if you give us (by EMail is ideal) some details of your current state of health.....  on all levels.... physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  We do not need a lot of detail, just a list of symptoms (if any), a brief summary of any issues, and maybe a short (just a few sentences at most) summary of where you feel you are currently “at” in your life. You can either EMail this to us, or you can type it into the “Comments” space when you place your order through our online store

The bottle is sent air-mail, and a typical transit time from New Zealand to the USA is usually about one week, occassionally up to two weeks.

Our fee for this service is $60 (US dollars), plus $9.50 shipping to North America, all-inclusive for the EMail consultation, the diagnosis, the supply of the bottle of essences (25ml bottle, approx three-quarters fluid ounce), plus the setting up of the personal webpages.

Discounts for multiple family members, done at the same time, are negotiable.

All prices are in US dollars. For a price in your local currency, please contact us. (New Zealand residents, see below.)   If you order via our Online Store the correct shipping cost will be automatically added to your order total.

If you have any questions about this service, or would like to send us the details of the issues you would like to address, please EMail us at   with the relevant details.

New Zealand Residents

Peter has been treating people nationally for over 20 years. If you are a NZ resident and would like an essence mix, please  us with the details you would like us to address, and we can arrange to post an essence bottle to you.

Or, if you prefer, you are welcome to telephone Peter on  (027) 231-2885, or on (07) 867 6665, 11am to 6pm, any day, including Saturday.

Our charge, within New Zealand, is $69 (NZ dollars, including GST). Shipping is an extra $5.70 (via CourierPost) for up to three bottles shipped at the same time.

Discounts for multiple bottles, for family members, supplied at the same time, are negotiable.

     Payment can be by:

If you would like a face-to-face personal consultation, please refer to our Practitioners Section for a list of practitioners, and for details of Peter's itinery as he visits various areas of New Zealand.

Peter is also available for Skype or telephone consultations, where he explores with you the issues in-depth, working with the energies of the issues, testing intuitively as we go, and helping you find your core issues. For this service, our fee is one dollar per minute plus an extra $60 for making up the bottle of essences and creating the custom webpages (plus the cost of shipping the bottle, which is currently $5.70 within NZ). This can be done via Skype (video or audio), or on the telephone. Peter's Skype I.D. is peter.alchemy

Please  or telephone if you are interested.  (Overseas residents, please enquire.... there are issues with time-zone differences, etc.)

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