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Core Issues Essences

Our set of advanced flower remedies

These “Core Issues” essences were not consciously planned to come into existence. I never intended to make another set of essences, in 2006 when they suddenly burst forth. What happened was that, in my own healing work, and my work with some of my more advanced clients, some issues were coming up for which I felt that none of the existing essences were quite what was needed. Many of these “issues” were at a very deep level, and were only appearing when the person had already done a lot of work with our other essences, in effect stripping away many layers of energetic garbage.

Because it is my method of working to discover and make new essences, it was just sort of inevitable that once this process of peeling away the outer layers with the existing essences had gone as far as it could go, new essences would appear to fill the need of dealing with the new issues at those deeper levels.

I also should mention that the name of this set of essences was originally “New Beginnings”, however we changed the name to Core Issues, which is a more appropriate name for what they are.

Let us start with a set of 39 Core Issues essences, designed for primarily for the practitioner who is wanting to do healing work to a very deep level with their clients.....

Pink Bougainvillea, one of the Core Issues Practitioner flower essences. Click to see full details Core Issues Practitioner's Set    
This Practitioner's set brings the majority of our “Core Issues” flower essences together in one set. It is suitable for healers and practitioners doing very deep past life or emotional release work with their clients, either using the Core Issues essences on their own or in conjunction with other vibrational healing tools and methodologies.

And now here are some specialist sets of essences for working with a specific issue or issues. While the issues addressed by some of these sets overlap issues from our earlier categories, such as our New Energy Essence Sets, these essences are intended for those working with clients who are prepared to take a large share of the responsibility for their own healing and personal growth....

Platinum Ice Rhododendron, one of the Advanced Energy Anatomy flower essences. Click to see full details Advanced Energy Anatomy Set    
This little set of flower essences brings together much of our latest work in creating essences for cleansing, restructuring, and rejuvenating the human energy anatomy (which includes the human aura, meridians and chakras).

Violet Creeper, one of the main Energetic Protection flower essences. Click to see full details Energetic Protection Set    
This set of flower essences is for those of us who are very sensitive to picking up negative energies from other people, or that remain behind in buildings and public spaces. It brings together some of our latest work in this area, for both releasing the negative and gross energies from the body, and also protecting from further energetic attack.
This set contains essences from both our “New Generation Alchemy” and “Core Issues” flower essence ranges.

Feverfew, one of the Body Healing and Balancing flower essences. Click to see full details Body Healing and Balancing Set    
Our set of ten “Body Healing and Balancing ” flower essences, for improving body energy, balance, rejuvenation and wellbeing. This set also assists the body with its own innate healing processes, provides stability during healing, and helps in the release of body symptoms.
This set contains essences from both our “New Generation Alchemy” and “Core Issues” flower essence ranges.

City of Auckland Rose, one of the Past Life and Early Conditioning flower essences. Click for full details Past Life and Early Conditioning Set    
A powerful set of essences for healing past trauma, either from early childhood, or past lives... with essences specifically for releasing the very deep, associated emotional energy from the body.

Dahlia Titoki Point, one of the Transforming the Self flower essences. Click to see full details Transforming the Self Set    
This is our set of flower essences for those seriously wanting to release their ego-driven games and behaviours, as well as their attachments in and to this insane world that we inhabit, and achieve true mastery of the Self. Includes help for attaining true adult-hood and uncovering one's innate, hidden talents.
This set contains essences from both our “New Generation Alchemy” and “Core Issues” flower essence ranges.

Prima Ballerina Rose, one of the Divine Connection flower essences. Click to see full details Divine Connection Set    
Here is a beautiful collection of flower essences to assist in the process of realizing our true divine nature. These essences speak for themselves.

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