Orange Canna Lily, one of our new Quantum Debugger Essences. Clcik for details

“Debugger” Essences

Flower essences for debugging negative energy and energy attack from the Dark Forces

These “debugger” essences are the result of many years of practical experience of needing to enact defensive measures against continuing attacks by the “Dark Forces”.

Starting out as a desire to help people who were being affected by various kinds of “negative energy attack”, including being “haunted” by the likes of earth-bound spirits, etc, and also attacks from various forms of Black Magic, curses and spells, etc, this work gradually progressed, as the need arose.

However, the Dark Forces do like like having their attacks thwarted, and for many years now, a battle has raged between them and myself. These Debugger Essences are the result of my need to protect myself, and to help my clients.

If you do not believe in such things as the Dark Forces, etc, then maybe these essences are not for you.

These Debugger essences are organized into four collections..... First, there is the four-bottle Quantum Debugger Mini-Set, which takes the art of essence debugging to a new level.

Next, there is the eight-bottle Debugger Essentials Mini-Set, which is a collection of the eight most important of our older Debugger essences.

Then there is the 20-bottle Advanced Debugger Set, which includes the eight, plus twelve more, to make up a comprehensive 20-bottle set of Debugger essences.

Then there is a page which lists all of our Debugger essences, including the above twenty, plus all the others, many of which are quite specialized. Click here for the complete list.

Click on the small picture of the flower, or the name, to go to each webpage described below....

Orange Canna Lily, one of our powerful new Quantum Debugger Essences. Click for details "Quantum" Debugger Essences    We have recently developed a new little set of four very powerful Debugger essences, as an off-shoot of the development program for our "Quantum" essences. These essences take the art of "debugging" to a new level.

Iris Gee Rose, one of the Essentials essences. Click for details Debugger Essentials Mini-Set    Our 8-bottle mini-set of the eight most useful and important Debugger type essences. A beautiful little kit of eight flower essences, that covers the core most important issues related to “debugging”.

Mamy Blue Rose, one of the Advanced Debugger essences. Click for details Advanced Debugger Set    Our 20-bottle set of the twenty most useful and important Debugger type essences. A lovely, comprehensive set of flower essences, that covers most of the important issues related to “debugging”.

Yellow Hibertia, one of the speiclist debugger essences. Click for details Complete Debugger Essences    Our webpage that lists all of our Debugger essences, which includes the above twenty, plus a lot more essences for various specialist Debugger type use.

The above essences can be used individually, or in combinations with each other, or with other essences. These essences are supplied in our usual 10ml size (approx. one third of an American fluid ounce) brown glass bottles, with squeeze type glass droppers, at “stock strength”.

To order any of the above essences, or to discuss any aspect of them with us, please us.

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