One of our Divine Elements Essences, the Divine Creativity essence

Divine Elements Essences

Here are our very powerful and delightful Divine Elements Essences,
Mother Nature's “gifts from the sea”.....

We are really excited about our “Divine Elements” essences, which are a set of very powerful sea essences (ie. made energetically from items washed up on the beach). These essences are like no others that we have ever seen or experienced.

These are very special essences, they are very much tools for the 21st Century Healing of Humanity, they could not have existed in this form prior to the year 2000,

The stones for these essences were found on the beach at Clive, Hawkes Bay, Aotearoa New Zealand, on 10 June 2000. When I found them, on a blustery, windy winter's day, less than two weeks before the winter solstice, a day when the surf was running high, a very strong cold easterly wind was coming right off the sea, and big waves were crashing onto the stony beach, I immediately just knew that these stones were very very special.

On this stony beach, almost all of the stones are a plain grey granite type of stone: you know the type, plain old, boring, ordinary stones, all looking much the same. This is definitely not one of those beaches where one normally finds any colored stones at all. Yet, as I walked along a short stretch of the beach, my eye was magnetically drawn, one after another, to each of these colored stones, their energy jumped up at me, the stones were calling me to find them.

I took them home, feeling very excited, and very soon, with help from Lisa, I had the definitions and other data on what each stone was for, they were a set of chakra therapy essences, but not just another plain old set of chakra essences, these essences were different, these essences are for helping humans to integrate our Christ-Self fully into our bodies, specifically as manifested in our chakras, our nervous system, our hormonal system, and our body cells.

For a year or two after finding these stones and making the essences, I used them intensively in my own practice, for my clients, and for myself, and so did a very small number of other practitioners. Over this time, they were thoroughly tested and proven, and make no mistake, these essences are powerful, yet they are also very gentle, with a very “smooth” energy, quite unlike any other stone or sea essences that I have ever used.

However, by sometime in 2002, they somehow fell out of use. I was finding in my own work, that they just never came up as being needed by any of my clients, or by myself. I was a bit puzzled by this; however, I let it go, as it is not uncommon for this type of thing to happen; sometimes an essence, or a group of essences, will be used intensively for a while, and then fall away, often because it was part of a developmental phase that was to lead to something else, and that “something else” then takes over in its place, and the essence(s) that was the interim step is no longer needed.

From 2002 until mid 2006, I assumed that this was the case with the Divine Elements, that they were a step along the way to the New Energy Essences, which suddenly appeared in early 2002, and which became the total focus of my work for several years.  I occasionally would think of the Divine Elements, and how lovely they were, but I was feeling absolutely no energy to resurrect them. That is, until suddenly, one day in June 2006, six years after their discovery, things changed.....

and, prompted by a discussion with a colleague, they suddenly popped up again. In a flash, I instantly knew that the Divine Elements were now to come fully into their purpose. That they had been found six years earlier, thoroughly tested for two years, and then put aside until the timing was right for them to re-emerge to fulfil their destiny.  So, here they are, the Divine Elements.....

And in launching this exquisite collection of sea essences as a complete set, we have also added two special sea essences from even earlier work: the Pink Pumice for grounding love energy in the heart, and the Ocean Gem for connecting us to the “Family of Love”.

So here they are, we invite you to explore these gifts from Mother Nature....

Divine Creativity, one of the Divine Elements. Click for details The Complete Divine Elements Set    
The “Divine Elements” are a powerful set of chakra essences.  However, they are much more than “just another set of chakra essences”. As well as helping to balance and heal the chakras, the Divine Elements are also for helping humans to integrate our Christ-Self fully into our bodies, specifically as manifested in our chakras, our nervous system, our hormonal system, and our body cells.

Divine Love, one of the Divine Chakras. Click for details Divine Chakras Set    
The “Divine Chakras Set” contains just those Divine Elements essences for each of the classical seven chakras of the energy anatomy. As well as helping to balance and heal the chakras, the Divine Chakras are also specifically for helping in the process of upgrading the human energy anatomy in order to bring more of the “Divine Energies” into one's experiential reality, to integrate the divine into our bodies.

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