Divine Love, the Heartstone Essence

Divine Chakras Sea Essences

Gifts from the ocean, from the waters of Mother Earth, as we move fully into the “new energy” of the new millennium.....

This exquisite little set of sea essences is a mini-set of seven of our beautiful “Divine Elements” Sea Essences, and they are for very deep chakra therapy and transformation. This set comprises essences for the seven “classical” chakras, or energy centers in the body. These are very special essences, they are very much tools for the 21st Century Healing of Humanity, they could not have existed in this form prior to the year 2000,

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Divine Purity, the crown chakra essence. Click for a large picture Divine Purity     Crown Chakra
This essence works with the crown chakra, so that it can be the holder of the light, which is one of the functions of our crown chakra, and it is unable to do this efficiently if most of its energy is used in overcoming internal imbalances. This essence helps the crown chakra to resolve whatever is causing the imbalances, thus enabling it to more effectively fulfil its intended purposes.

Divine Lattice, the third eye and Divine Grid essence. Click for a large picture Divine Lattice     Third Eye
Helps connect us into the Divine Grid, which we connect to via our “True Eye”, which is an energetic structure located close by, and closely related to, our third eye chakra. The Divine Grid is an aspect of the “Universal Grid”, from which all energy in the universe comes.

Divine Communicator, the throat chakra essence of the all-knowing silence. Click for a large picture Divine Communicator     Throat Chakra
This essence embodies the power of the all-knowing silence. It helps to clear the throat chakra of imbalances and disharmony. True power, knowing, and wisdom does not need to constantly verbalize itself, as it just knows its power and wisdom, without having to constantly prove it. This essence helps along the path to the true power of the all-knowing silence.

Divine Love, the heartstone essence. Click for a large picture Divine Love     Heart Chakra
The Heartstone Essence.  The essence of the “wellspring of creativity”. Until one is nourished by the heart, nothing can flow. This essence helps to strengthen self-love, so that Divine Love can settle in one's heart-space (be anchored). Divine Love cannot be where there is discord. The self cannot rest properly in the heart of the Christ if there is discord.

Divine Blueprint, the solar plexus and human design essence. Click for a large picture Divine Blueprint     Solar Plexus
Helps connect us into the human design held within (for example) the Tree of Life. The blueprint of the Christ-Self, and associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of our personal power. Our solar plexus is also the center of our emotional feeling, and it is from here that we often connect energetically with other people, and energetically “reach out” to people.

Divine Creativity, the sacral chakra essence. Click for a large picture Divine Creativity     Sacral Chakra
The essence that helps to unlock the creative potential of the Divine Mother. Helps to clear the sacral chakra, and the pelvic area of the body, so that it can anchor this aspect (the Divine Mother aspect) of the Divine Self, ie. the place of manifestation and creation.

Divine Manifestation, the base chakra stabilizer and alignment essence. Click for a large picture Divine Manifestation     Base Chakra
Our base chakra is a pivotal point of stability and balance, and if it is out of balance, we will be seriously affected. This essence helps to stabilise and balance the incredibly complex energies and patterns that keep in balance all our chakras, and also our meridian system, and our energy bodies, etc. It also helps to align our kundalini energy.

These Divine Elements sea essences can be ordered from us either as a boxed set of seven essences, or you can purchase any of them as individual bottles.

All of these essences are supplied at stock strength, in the “industry-standard” type brown glass bottles with glass droppers, in 10 ml size (one third of an American fluid ounce).  For an explanation of what “stock strength” means, please read this explanation in our F.A.Q's section.

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