Dark Pink Camellia - the Essential Oils Master Combiner Essence.  Click to see a large photo.

Dark Pink Camellia
Flower Essence


The “moderator-combiner” flower essence, for use in
mixtures that comprise combinations of essential oils
and flower essences

This essence is used in all of our essential oil and
flower essence combination products, and it provides
energies to facilitate the harmonious working together
of the various types of energies present in these mixtures.

This essence works in combination with the “Hampden
Street” version of the White Magnolia flower essence,
which links together the essential oil and flower essence
energies, and it is always used in combination with
the White Magnolia.

Dark Pink Camellia - linking together essential oils and flower essences. A flower essence, first discovered 5 August 2003, on a camellia bush growing right beside the Avon River in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

This Dark Pink Camellia flower essence fills a key role in our innovative work in combining together the healing power of flower and gem essences with aromatherapy essential oils.

Along with our White Magnolia, and our Viper's Bugloss, this Dark Pink Camellia facilitates the birth of a powerful new healing modality, combining together the healing power of modern flower essences, and essential oils.

These combinations are much more than just basic mixtures of the component flower essences and essential oils. They are synergistic combinations that are much more powerful than the sum of their individual parts.

Each flower essence, and each essential oil, embodies a large number of unique and powerful component healing energies, and this Dark Pink Camellia essence facilitates a process of bringing together these energies into powerful new combinations that work synergistically together as one harmonious and powerful whole.

Dark Pink Camellia flower essence - a key essence for essential oil and flower essence combination mixes.
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