Red Camellia flower essence - for the legacy of past trauma in animals. Click to go to a large photo

Red Camellia
Flower Essence


Animal's major trauma legacy.

An essence to help animals with the energetic legacy
of major trauma incidents from their early life that have
become deeply embedded in their psyche.

Just like humans can be hugely affected by this type of
trauma legacy, so too can animals, and this essence
helps them with this.

Red Camellia flower essence - helping animals deal with past trauma A flower essence, first discovered, and energetically captured with digital camera, 16 August 2004, in the aftermath of a snow storm in Christchurch.

This essence is an example of the group of powerful new flower essences that were brought into creation on 16 August 2004, after a snow storm, when the flowers were partly covered with frozen snow. The energy of the flowers, when sheathed in snow like this, is totally different to “normal”, and on that day a very powerful group of new essences was brought into creation, of which this Red Camellia is one.

The type of trauma that this essence addresses is energetically very deeply embedded, at the deepest level. It is what I call a “primary issue” type trauma, and of a type that is most difficult to resolve.

Red Camellia flower essence - helping animals with trauma legacy
Main Super-Essence:       None

Other Super-Essences:   None

Principal Category:          Animal Healing

Other Categories:             None


      “I ask that this animal (or these animals), receive this help
        towards resolving this trauma legacy.”

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