Pink Dahlia flower essence - transmuting emotional energy.  Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Pink Dahlia
Flower Essence


To assist in the transmutation of emotional
energies that have accumulated during this life-time.

(Not from past lives).

Includes emotional energies from any time in
one's life, right from conception to very recently.....

For example, can be used to assist in clearing
emotional energies that have been “picked up”
from other people, or from things like television
programs, movies, video games, conflict, etc.

Also for children, to assist them in transmuting and
releasing the emotional energy that they pick up from
adults, and will also work for animals, although
there is a specialist essence for this issue, the
Orange Begonia, that is specifically for animals.

Pink Dahlia flower essence - emotional healing. A flower essence, made 18th April 2002, from pink dahlias in the garden at Fairfield House, Nelson.

This essence is one of the many powerful new flower essences that were discovered during the two months that Vanda and I travelled all over the South Island of New Zealand, on our journey of healing and discovery.  During this time, we worked in-depth with emotional energies, so it came as no surprise when we found this flower.

Fairfield House, in Nelson, is a lovely old historic house that has been restored and made into a venue where many workshops and seminars are held, including many workshops where people work in-depth on healing their emotional issues.

This Pink Dahlia flower essence is actually a replacement for another
essence, a sea essence, Emotional Energy Transmutation, that was
made in February 2000.  This Pink Dahlia flower essence has a
broader, “smoother” energy than the earlier sea essence.

For a flower essence that is for dissolving a different type of energy
from the body, see the First Lady Rose essence, which is for dissolving
thought-form energy from the body, especially from the chakras.

Note that we also have a flower essence that is for helping animals
with this same issue of picking up negative energy, and this is our
Orange Begonia.

Pink Dahlia flower essence - recovery from emotional trauma.
Main Super-Essence:       Recovery - Emotional

Other Super-Essences:   Chronic Body Symptoms
Principal Category:          Misc.

Other Categories:             Energy Anatomy


      “I transmute and release from my body all emotional
        energies that are now ready to be transmuted.”

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