Dark Pink/violet Bush flower essence - The sweetness essence.  Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Dark Pink/Violet Flower Bush
Flower Essence


To help with the assimilation of sugar in one's diet.

To help in the assimilation of sweetness in one's life;
where a person works hard at denying oneself happiness.

Dark Pink/Violet Bush Flower Essence - For the assimilation of sugar in one's diet. A flower essence, made 26 June, 2000, from flowers
on a bush in the garden of my friend, Maree, in the
suburb of Gonville, Wanganui.

This is one of two essences made that sunny mid-winter's
day in Wanganui.  The other one was the Pink Blossom

These two essences are closely related.....
I think of them as being a “pair” of essences.
They are both for issues to do with allowing oneself
to experience sweetness and happiness.
And, mixed together, they comprise the
“Sweetness” Super-Essence.

Dark Pink/Violet Flower Essence - allowing oneself sweetness and happiness.
Main Super-Essence:       Sweetness

Other Super-Essences:   Abundance
                                            Death Acceptance
                                            Dopamine Regulation

Principal Category:          Medical

Other Categories:             Misc.


      “I now allow myself to receive my full natural inheritance
        of sweetness and happiness.”

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