Dark Pink Geranium flower essence - Dealing with negative energy from people. Click for a healing with a photo

Dark Pink Geranium

Flower Essence

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Dealing with negative energy that is deliberately
sent by other people.

Helps enhance the body's natural process of processing
and releasing this energy.  A very useful essence,
especially for Empaths.

Note that “deliberate”, in this context, often means a
subtle form of intent. For example, when there is a minor
incident and the other person briefly focuses on you with
negative intent, an example of which could be a “minor
road rage” incident.  When these small incidents occur,
an energetic self-maintaining “program” is set up, where
the negative energy continues to be projected for a long
time.  These packages of negative energy are sometimes
called “curses”, “hexes” or “spells”.

This Geranium Essence is also used for dealing with
energies from the mass consciousness and group
consciousness, especially the energies of negative
emotions like fear and anger.

Also note that there is also a different type of negative
energy that is part of a natural process of energy exchange,
and for dealing with this we use the Rhubarb essence.

Small Dark Pink Geranium flower essence - Blocking negativity projected by people A flower essence, made 18th April 2002, from the small flowers of a dark pink geranium plant in the garden at Fairfield House, Nelson.

This essence is one of the many powerful new flower essences that were discovered during the two months that Vanda and I travelled all over the South Island of New Zealand, on our journey of healing and discovery.  During this time, we worked in-depth with emotional energies, so it came as no surprise when we found this flower.

Fairfield House, in Nelson, is a lovely old historic house that has been restored and made into a venue where many workshops and seminars are held, including workshops where people work in-depth
on healing their emotional issues.

As is mentioned above in the definition of this essence, there are two
types of negative energy that is broadcast or projected by people,
and this geranium essence is for processing and releasing the type
that is deliberately (on some level, which is not necessarily totally
conscious) projected.  For dealing with the other type, that is
broadcast by everybody as part of a natural energy interchange,
we have the Rhubarb essence, which was made at the same time
and in the same place as this essence.

Note that we also have a flower essence that is for helping animals
with this same issue of picking up negative energy, and this is our
Orange Begonia.

Small Dark Pink Geranium flower essence - Dissolving negative energy projected by people
Main Super-Essence:      Clearing

Other Super-Essences:   None

Principal Category:           Energy Anatomy

Other Categories:             None


      “My body effortlessly and naturally
        processes and releases all of this energy.”

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