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Flower Essence

Helichrysum lanceolatum


Gift of Life. A taste of honey (sweetness).
Feeling apathy and gloom (not depression).
Like in a fog - life force starting to close down.
Lifts you up..... opens up the crown chakra,
opens one up to life, with a capacity to enjoy.
Shifts energy orientation, from inward to outward.
A valuable essence for tiredness, from all causes.

Helichrysum - A taste of honey, sweetness A flower essence, made 29 January, 1999, at Stone Pine Creek Lavender Farm, Te Horo, north of Wellington.

On this day, I had already found four other flowers
to make into essences, and I had these already sitting
in the sun "cooking".

When I had initially asked  "How many today?"
I was told four.
But now, I received a message that there would be
one more, sort of like an extra "bonus essence".

I mentioned this to my friend, Heidi-Sue (who works
at the lavender farm),  and she said.....
"What about the Helichrysum over there? I was sure that you were meant to make that into an essence."
Earlier in the day, I had received a negative when testing the Helichrysum, but now, on re-testing, I received a strong positive!

And, what a bonus! This is one of the most useful essences
that I have ever made. Both Lisa and I have used it numerous times,
for a diverse range of people. I have found this flower essence to be very
useful in mixtures for treating any condition where the life-force energy
is starting to close down; including tiredness, travel fatigue, jet-lag, pms.
This is a key essence in my “Film-Crew” mixture, for people who just
have to keep going no matter how weary they are,
and in my “Tiredness” mixture.

See also the Red Rhodoendron essence for the treatment of tiredness.

Helichrysum - For tiredness, fatigue, jet-lag, pms, etc. Main Super-Essence:       Not used.
                                           (Used as a support essence)

Other Super-Essences:   Body Energy
                                            Acute Body Symptoms
                                            Tiredness & Fatigue
                                            Body Rejuvenation

Principal Category:          Body

Other Categories:            None


     “I open myself to the sweet things in life
       and allow myself to receive nourishment.”

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