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The New Millennium Flower Essences Range

Our New Millennium Essences are organized into the following Categories......

The easiest way for you to use our flower essences is by taking one (or more) of our “Everyday Helpers” essence blend products. These are ready-to-use blends, customized to help with a range of everyday health-related issues. They are designed for ease of use, and are supplied, with instructions, in attractive blue 30ml bottles.

For helping your pets and domestic animals, we also have our “Animal Helpers”, which are a range of essence blends specifically for animals, to help them with common issues that many animals have.

Click on one of the following links (or pictures) to see details of the Everyday Helpers or Animal Helpers, or go further down the page for details of our individual essences.....

Everyday Helpers
Yellow Rose, one of the flower essences in our Everyday Emergency blend. Click to see details. The “Everyday Helpers” are mixtures of essences, for many of the common issues that we all experience in our busy stressful modern world.  Each Everyday Helper product is made up of a complex blend of individual essences, all working synergistically together. These Everyday Helper products are straight-from-the bottle products, in large 30ml (approx one ounce) bottles, and they are easy and safe for anyone to use.

Animal Helpers
Red and White Camellia, one of the key ingredients in many of the Animal Helpers. Click for details The “Animal Helpers” are mixtures of essences, designed to help your pet with various issues that are common for animals.  Each Animal Helper product is made up of a complex blend of individual essences, all working synergistically together. These Animal Helper products are straight-from-the bottle products, in large 30ml (approx one ounce) bottles. They are easy and safe to use, you just add a few drops to the food or drink of your pet.

If you prefer to have the bottles of individual essences, which you can either use singly straight from the bottle, or make up your own blends, you are welcome to order any of our individual essences. The following is a summary of our ranges of individual flower essences.....

The essences below are arranged in chronological order of their production, starting from the late 1990's, up until the present. In general, each collection represents an advance on the collection before it, starting with the basic everyday personal and spiritual issues of the Super-Essences, through to the very deep-acting essences in the Core Issues collection.

For information about exactly what flower essences are, and how to use them, go to our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

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Please select one of the categories below to view that flower essence collection.....

Quantum Essences
Pink and White Cosmos, one of our new Quantum Essences. Click for details The result of 25 years of our intensive research and development program, our new Quantum Essences take the art and science of essences onto a new plane. These essences really are different to anything that has gone before, both in their extraordinary power, and in the way they work, addressing issues that have been overlooked until now. They drill right down very deep into the very core of the human psyche, healing the very deepest trauma. And, the way these essences work with things like the "White Gold" energy, the "Divine Alchemy", the energy of the Ho'Opopono Prayer, the Pain Grid, and the Double Bind, is extraordinary.

Debugger Essences
Yellow Hibertia, one of the Debugger flower essences. Click to see details. Our Debugger Essences are a collection of essence for help with dealing with all forms of negative energy attack, for dislodging negative entites, for protection from attack by the Dark Forces, from so-called Black Magic, curses, spells, etc. We have recently upgraded our Debugger essences, with the addition of three new very powerful essences.

Core Issues Series
Virgo Rose, one of the Core Issues flower essences. Click to see details. The Core Issues Series of flower essences were made primarily from flowers and trees. They represent an even higher energy vibration than the earlier New Generation Alchemy series of essences. This series of essences takes healing to a very deep level within, to resolve not only the issues themselves, but also the various hooks, emotional residue and attached entities left by issues, or by people and events, either in the present or in past lives.

The Core Issues collection was first discovered in 2006, and launched in 2007. They take the science of flower essences to a new level in their capability, and they are suitable for people who have already done a lot of work with our other essence collections, in stripping away the many layers of energetic “garbage”, and who are now ready for healing at very deep levels, in the process stripping away the layers of the false self, and false views of the world in which we live.

Super-Essences Series
White Magnolia, the New Millennium Super-Essence Master Linkage essence. Click to see details. Super-Essences comprise our largest collection of essences, and they are made from flowers, gems, shells and crystals. They cover a very broad range of mainly everyday issues, for practitioner and personal use, as well as essences suitable for those starting out on the spiritual path. As well as a comprehensive Practitioner's Set (38 bottles), covering most of the issues that a practitioner would encounter in day-to-day healing work, there are also a range of specialist mini-sets... for addiction or past trauma; for children's, women's and men's issues, and for physical body healing.

Super-Essences were first discovered in 2000, and they are produced via an innovative process that combines between two and six of the earlier-generation New Millennium flower essences, to create a new essence that is more than simply a mixture of its ingredients. A Super-Essence is a synergistic blend of the energies of the constituent essences, providing far greater breadth and subtlety in its healing power, but behaving as if it was a single essence.

New Energy Series
Typhoon Rose, one of the many wonderful New Energy essences. Click to see details. The New Energy Series of essences were made only from flowers, mainly roses. They cover a range of issues for people who are really committed to their personal and spiritual development. The New Energy collection comprises a number of essence sets and mini-sets, for issues such as balancing our energy anatomy (chakras and meridians), resolving sexuality and gender-based issues, and connecting more fully to our true inner “Self”.

The New Energy essences were first discovered from 2002 onwards, and they represent an advancement on traditional flower essences, in that they are no longer dualistic... they no longer have a “negative” aspect, but are inherently holistic. As we enter the New Reality that is rapidly emerging, it is time for humanity to let go of the Duality and move into a state of non-dualistic wholeness.

Divine Elements Series
Divine Love, one of the essences in the Divine Elements series. Click to see details. The Divine Elements Series comprises a small range of gem and sea essences. This exquisite collection is primarily for healing and balancing the chakras, and also specifically for helping in the process of upgrading the human energy anatomy in order to bring more of the “Divine Energies” into one's experiential reality, to integrate the divine into our bodies.

The Divine Elements essences were discovered in the year 2000, primarily on beaches in the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Feng Shui Essences
Pink and White Magnolia, the Feng Shui Master Linkage essence. Click to see details. This series comprises a small range of specialist essences and Super-Essences, specifically designed to heal and balance energies, either within houses or buildings, or in the land itself. They can be used on their own, or in combination with other Feng Shui techniques.

Animal Healing Essences
Crimson Rose Camellia, one of the flower essences for healing animals. Click to see details. We also have specialist sets of flower and tree essences for helping animals in their healing. While most of our “general” essences for the more basic physical and emotional issues work just as well for animals as for people, animals also have their own issues that are specific to animals only, and this range is designed to address these specific animal issues.

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Our flower essence bottles, with their beautiful pictures on the labels. Click for a large picture All of our essences (except the Everyday Helpers and Animal Helpers ranges) are supplied at stock strength, in the “industry-standard” type brown glass bottles with glass droppers, in 10 ml size (one third of an American fluid ounce).  For an explanation of what “stock strength” means, please read this explanation in our FAQ's section.

For a concise, short, explanation of what a “Super-Essence” is, please refer to this explanation in our FAQ's section.   For more detailed information about “Super-Essences”, please refer to this article.

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