Macrocarpa tree essence - for arthritis in animals. Click to go to a large photo

Tree Essence


The essence for arthritis in animals.

For helping animals in dealing with this distressing
condition of the joints.

This essence provides support at all levels, including
emotional and physical, for the animal's body to process
and resolve all of the energies involved, thus allowing the
need for the manifestation of the arthritis to decrease.

Macrocarpa tree essence - helping animals cope with arthritis A flower essence, first discovered, and energetically captured with digital camera, 22 February 2004, at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

This flower essence is one of our series of animal health essences, that are for animal-specific issues, that we have put together into an essence set, our Animal Healing Practitioner's set.

This tree essence is an example of an essence that is for helping with a physical condition, where the physical symptoms are only the “tip of the iceberg”, and the essence works in a very holistic way, in helping the organism (person or animal) to resolve all of these underlying issues, which should lead to an alleviation of the need for the body to manifest the physical symptoms.

Includes support to help animals in cases where a major contributing cause of the underlying reasons for the symptoms is that the animal is picking up factors from a person, or people, and is thus “carrying a load” for that person, which is manifesting in the animal as the arthritis.

Macrocarpa tree essence - helping animals with arthritis
Main Super-Essence:       None

Other Super-Essences:   None

Principal Category:          Animal Healing

Other Categories:             None


      “I ask that this animal (or these animals), receive this help
        in resolving the issues associated with this arthritis.”

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