Pink and White Magnolia flower essence - the Feng Shui Master Essence. Click to see a large photo

Pink and White Magnolia
Flower Essence


The Feng Shui Master Essence.

Provides the “master linkage” energies for
Feng Shui house balancing essence work
and for Feng Shui land healing essence work.

Could be said to be “the glue” that holds all of
the various energies together, that are supplied
by all of the other Feng Shui flower essences.

Also acts as a catalyst, to facilitate and enhance
the action of all of the essences, and to ensure
that all of the essences work together in harmony
and balance.

In this role, this Pink and White Magnolia is the
Feng Shui equivalent to the White Magnolia flower
essence that fills a similar role in the essences that
are used for human healing work.

Pink and White Magnolia flower essence - bringing together all of the Feng Shui elements A flower essence, made 27 July 2002, from a pink and white magnolia tree at Washbourn Gardens, Richmond, Nelson.

As soon as I saw this beautiful tree, covered with its lovely pink and white magnolia blooms, shining in the winter sun, I immediately knew what it was for.

The various varieties of magnolia have a very special role in the New Millennium Essences, with the White Magnolia filling an especially key role as the “linkage” essence for mixtures of essences for human (and animal) healing, and I had known that a similar essence was needed for Feng Shui work.

These magnolia trees are truly unique and wonderful..... the flowers are very large, the tree is absolutely laden with hundreds of these flowers, and the flowers appear in the winter, when the tree is bare of leaves. An inspiring sight on a cold winter's day, as if
Nature is telling us that even though it is “winter”, and is often cold
and we are feeling a little bit “down”, is OK!  Spring is not far away,
and there is no need for us to feel depressed or dispirited.

See also the “Hampden Street” version of our White Magnolia flower
essence, for use in aromatherapy essential oil products.

Pink and White Magnolia flower essence - the key essence for balancing the house
Main Super-Essence:      Not applicable

Other Super-Essences:   Not applicable
Principal Category:          Not applicable

Other Categories:             Not applicable


      None required.

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