White Magnolia - the Essential Oils Master Linkage Essence. Click to see a large photo.

White Magnolia  -  Hampden Street
Flower Essence

Magnolia grandiflora


The master linkage flower essence, for connecting
together the healing energies of combinations of
essential oils and flower essences.

This essence is used in all of our essential oil and
flower essence combination products, and it provides
energies to connect together the various healing energies
of the oils and of the flower and gem essences, into one
synergistic whole.

Could be said to be “the glue” that holds all of the various
energies together, of both the essential oils and the flower

In this role, this White Magnolia is the “essential oil equivalent”
to our other White Magnolia flower essence that fills a similar
linkage role in our flower essence mixtures.

White Magnolia flower essence - linking together essential oils and flower essences A flower essence, first discovered 19 April 2002, on three young Magnolia grandiflora trees, in the grounds of the Hampden Street School, Nelson.

This magnolia was discovered by Vanda, when she was walking around exploring the district, and she recognized it as being the same Magnolia grandiflora as we had found in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens (see below), and she came back home very excited at having found and recognized another one.

The various varieties of magnolia have a very special role in the New Millennium Essences, with our other White Magnolia filling an especially key role as the “master linkage” essence for mixtures of our Super-Essences.

See also the Dark Pink Camellia, and the Viper's Bugloss essences.

Right from the time that it was found, I knew that this (Hampden Street) version of the White Magnolia flower essence would have an important role, but it was not until mid 2003 that I realized what that role was to be, once we began developing our mixtures of essential oils and flower essences.

White Magnolia flower essence - the key essence for essential oil and flower essence combination mixes
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