White Magnolia flower essence - holding it all together. Click to see a large photo.

White Magnolia
Flower Essence

Magnolia grandiflora
(Southern Magnolia)

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The essence that “ties it all together”.

Add four drops of this essence to all mixtures
of New Millennium Super-Essences.

When added to an essence treatment mixture, provides energies for the following.....

Linkage - holding together the energies of the “Super-Essences” in the mixture.

Healing crisis management - moderating the aggravation of symptoms that often happens when healing takes place.

Treatment regulator - regulating the strength of the healing energies provided by the essence mix to the optimum level.

Stabilization - providing stabilization and protection from outside energies for the essence mixture, including protection from negative energies from people, X-Rays, and all forms of e.m.f. radiation.

After using the White Magnolia Master Linkage essence to help with healing crises, and also for combining different flower essences into blends, P.K. of WA (Washington state), USA writes:

“White Magnolia is the single most useful remedy that I've ever used. It smooths out the blend and allows us to be more confident mixing combinations. It's also been immensely beneficial for soothing healing crises. Thanks for making this wonderful remedy!”

White Magnolia flower essence - managing the "healing crisis". A flower essence, made 23rd February 2002, from a large Southern Magnolia tree in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

On the morning of 23rd February, I had awoke with a vision of a new flower essence..... a “master” essence that would provide in one essence all of the important “linkage”, healing crisis treatment, and “treatment regulator” functions that, up until that time, had been provided by several separate essences.  For example, to moderate the healing crisis, it had been necessary to add in to the mix the Pink Rose essence, but this would no longer be the case.

I had in my mind's eye the picture of a large tree with a very large white flower, and I knew that this tree was growing somewhere in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens.

That morning, I found several flowers in the botanical gardens, but I could not find the tree with the large white flower. However, in the herb garden at the botanical gardens that morning, a fateful meeting took place. I met Vanda, all the way from Brazil, who was to become my partner in my healing work, and in my personal life.

And, later that afternoon, it was Vanda who found the large white- flowered tree.... as we were walking together to the car-park, she suddenly said “What is this big tree?”, and there it was! I was about to walk right past it.

So..... I had found my tree with the large white flower, which was of vital importance. But, of even greater importance, on that same day, I had met, totally unexpectedly, seemingly by “chance”, some- one who was to be very important in my life.

We were to spend the next two months together, travelling all around New Zealand's South Island, all the way from Invercargill to Farewell Spit, partners on a healing quest that included the finding of an amazing number of flowers for the making of new essences.

We were to experience many wonderful and beautiful things during that two months together, and this story will be told elsewhere.

Note that for Feng Shui House Balancing and Land Healing work, there is our Pink and White Magnolia flower essence, that fills a similar role, and, for our combination products that include essential oils as well as flower essences, there is the Hampden Street version of the White Magnolia.

We now also have two more “advanced” versions of a linkage essence. There is our Big Tree with Creeper Linkage Essence, which was developed as part of our New Generation Alchemy Essences in 2004, and there is now also our KawaKawa and Big Rock linkage essence, which is part of our new Zero Point Field essence set, for use with our new Zero Point Field essences, developed in 2010.

White Magnolia flower essence - the master orchestrator.
Main Super-Essence:      Not applicable

Other Super-Essences:   Not applicable
Principal Category:          Not applicable

Other Categories:             Not applicable


      None required.

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