Marguerite Daisy flower essence - Flower essence equivalent of arnica.  Click to go to big photo for a healing.

Marguerite Daisy
Flower Essence

Chrysanthemum frutesens


The flower essence equivalent of
homeopathic Arnica.

For shock, sprains, bleeding, body trauma,
and emotional trauma.

Pre- and post-operative for surgery
(one week before, two weeks after).

Also for bruising, when mixed with other
essences, both physical and emotional

Marguerite Daisy flower essence - Physical and emotional bruising. A flower essence, first made 16 November 1996, from the flowers of plants growing on waste ground by the woods that I walked through in Mornington on my way to work at Wellington Hospital.  Made again on 16 March 2000, at Stone Pine Creek Lavender Farm, Te Horo, north of Wellington.

The “Mornington” version of this essence works at the physical level only, and the “Lavender Farm” version works at the emotional level.

While I was at the lavender farm making other essences, something drew me to the Marguerite Daisies, and I noticed that some of them had a very different looking flower to the usual flower of the Marguerite Daisy. It is as if the flower has mutated on these plants.

Ever since making the original version of the essence in 1996, I had
thought that it was a pity that it was for the physical level only.
The deva of the Marguerite Daisy has responded to my request by
producing this mutation of the flower.  “Thank-you.”

All stock bottles of this essence will include both versions in the one
bottle, so the stock bottle in your essence set covers both the physical
and the emotional levels.

To see some lovely photos of the Marguerite Daisy, look at this page
on the Rosa Rosam web site of photographer Jocelen Janon, of
Auckland, New Zealand.

Important Note: In no way is this form of energy therapy a substitute for
the appropriate medical treatment.

Anyone who suffers an acute physical trauma is advised to seek the appropriate
help at the appropriate emergency room or medical center.

Marguerite Daisy flower essence - The homoeopathic arnica of flower essences.
Main Super-Essence:       Arnica Equivalent

Other Super-Essences:    Trauma
Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             Addiction


      None required.

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