Nasturtium flower essence - For when one's energy is ebbing. Click for a healing with a large photo.

Flower Essence

Tropaeolum majus


A good all-rounder. All levels (p.e.m.s.).

Stimulates stagnant energy into movement,
and allows one to “wake up and live a new day.”

For people who are feeling as if their energy is
ebbing (on one or more p.e.m.s. levels).
(Not for any particular reason.)

NOTE:  p.e.m.s. is an abbreviation for
“physical, emotional, mental, spiritual”.

For Feng Shui Land Healing:

Harmonising the energy of the land with the energies of
buildings on the land. Energetically restoring the land
back into a similar energy balance it would have been in
when in its “natural” state.

Nasturtium flower essence- Stimulating stagnant energy into movement. A flower essence, Made 17 March, 1997, from orange flowered Nasturtiums growing as weeds in the vegetable garden of the property at Anne Street, Wadestown, where I lived at this time.

I have always loved the wild Nasturtiums, and I had wanted to make a Nasturtium essence for some time. I had wondered whether I could make a duplicate of the Perelandra Nasturtium essence, but Nature had other ideas! This essence is very much part of the New Millennium set, although both versions are concerned with energy issues.

A year or so after making this essence, I noticed that there were masses of wild Nasturtiums beside the Southern Walkway track above Mt. Victoria. I picked some flowers and took them home
for dinner. A month or so later, I returned to the Southern Walkway,
expecting to once again see the glorious sight of hundreds of orange

But, disaster! Someone (I presume the Council), has sprayed some trees
nearby and many of the Nasturtium plants were looking very sick!

This essence is an extremely versatile “all-rounder”. It's one of those
essences (like the New Perception Montbretia, and the Perelandra
Sweet Bell Pepper), that we tend to not notice much, but then actually
use it a lot, in all sorts of situations.

Nasturtium flower essence - To wake up and live a new day.
Main Super-Essence:       Body Balance

Other Super-Essences:   Rescue Trauma - Physical
                                            Land Restoring

Principal Category:          Misc.

Other Categories:             Feng Shui Land Healing
                                            E.E.A.  (Earth Energy Alignment)


          “I am full of the joys of spring.”

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