Plum flower essence - the abundance essence.  Click to go to a large photo for a healing.

Plum  (large, black)
Flower Essence


To encourage the energy of abundance in one's life.

Experiencing a severe sense of lack in one's life.

For people who believe they do not have the ability
to create a rich life full of love.

For House Balancing (Feng Shui):

Bringing the energy of prosperity and abundance to
the house. The large black, fat and juicy plums that
this tree bears symbolise the abundant energy that
this Plum Flower Essence brings to the house.

Plum flower essence - Experiencing a severe sense of lack in one's life. A flower essence, made 8 September, 1998, from blossom on a
plum tree in the orchard of my friend Heidi-Sue.
Heidi-Sue's property, at Ohau, a few miles south of Levin,
is a lovely, peaceful three acres surrounded by gum trees.

We walked around and around, looking for the plant that I knew
I needed to make an essence from. I must have tested
(with my pendulum) just about every flower in her garden,
and we were becoming discouraged, when I spotted a tree
in her orchard covered with white blossom. I asked “What's that?”
“It's a plum tree”.  “That's it!  That's the one!”

This was the first essence that I made at Heidi-Sue's property
(I was to make many more there over the following two years).

I made the essence, and used it many times without having
a clue as to what it was for. When the definition was obtained
(in February, 1999), it was one of those ones that felt “just right”.
I can see the tree in my mind's eye, laden with large, black, juicy plums.

And, as we go through this experience we call “life”,  it's like we
are surrounded by trees laden with sweet, juicy, succulent fruit.
Fruits of all varieties, many types of taste sensations: just waiting
for us to reach out and pluck them. They are ours, there for the taking;
yet how often do we shy away in disbelief.
“It cannot be this easy!”  “I do not deserve this!”

Just like Heidi and I walked around and around that day, searching
in vain, unable to find what we were looking for.
So too do we all stumble around searching for happiness,
when all we have to do is just reach out, and there it is, ripe for the taking.

Well, it's time to put aside the old programming of limiting beliefs,
and to accept our true heritage. The sweet, juicy, succulent fruits,
the fruits of life; they are ours by right.
We only have to have the courage to reach out for them.

Plum flower essence - To find the ability to create a rich life, full of love.
Main Super-Essence:       Abundance

Other Super-Essences:   Power
                                            Feng Shui  “Energising

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             Earth Energy Alignment  (E.E.A.)
                                            House Balancing  (Feng Shui)


      “I give myself permission to receive love.”

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