Red Flowering Gum - taking one on into full recovery. Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Red Flowering Gum
Flower Essence

Eucalyptus ficifolia (also known as Carymbia ficifolia)


Full flowering, against all odds.

Takes one into the fullness of recovery,
on from the feeling of  “things will never
be the same again”.

Note: Extension of the Jonquils (New Perception) energy.

(This flower essence is very compatible with Jonquils,
  add to all Jonquils essence mixes).

For House Balancing (Feng Shui):
For bringing the “energy of sunshine” into the house.
Brings in a warm, friendly, “sunny” energy.

Red Flowering Gum - Eucalyptus ficifolia A flower essence, made 24 January, 1999, from the flowers of a gum tree in the back-yard of the house at Buchanan Street, Wadestown, where I was living.

I had been watching this tree for over a year, wondering when it would be ready to be made into an essence. I kept getting a “no” answer every time I tested, but what the answer really meant was “not yet”.

Along with the Toetoe, Buddleia, Darwin's Berry, Echium, and Pink Cyclamen, this essence is one of the key trauma essences.

The Red Flowered Gum fills the same role in the New Millennium Essences as the
Jonquils flower essence filled in Mary Garbeley's New Perception Essences of New Zealand.
In fact, it is the updated Jonquils, with a stronger energy.

This essence provides the energy of  “it's time to move on from this, let it go once and for all, and move on ”.  Of course, things will never be the same again, and just as well!   Who wants to turn the clock back to “the way it was before”?   Much rather resolve whatever it was that happened, learn from the experience, integrate the wisdom gained, let it go, and move on.

Red Flowering Gum - moving on
Main Super-Essence:       Past Trauma Recovery

Other Super-Essences:   Recovery - Emotional
                                            Post-Trauma from Warfare
                                            Black Hole
                                            Out of Time
                                            Feng Shui “Energising

Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             House Balancing  (Feng Shui)


     “I open to the future and trust that I am
       appropriately guided.”

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