Red Salvia Flower Essence - for anchoring one into one's body.    Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Red Salvia
Flower Essence

Salvia confertiflora


Helping to anchor a firm foundation for the shift we have
experienced upon entering into the New Millennium.....

Anchors a person's spirit into the base chakra,
(rather than jumping out of one's body in fright).

Encourages one to have both feet on the ground
and stand firmly planted on the soil (not deeply in the soil).

Red Salvia flower essence - Providing a firm foundation for the new millennium. A flower essence, made 16 March, 2000, from the spectacular, vibrant red flowers of a Salvia plant in the herb garden at Stone Pine Creek Lavender Farm, Te Horo.

This essence is identical to an earlier sea essence made from a small piece of brick found on the Raumati South beach in June 1999. “This rock has been refined by the transformative powers of the sea and is therefore a far higher vibration than an ordinary piece of brick.”

The essence was needed in mid-1999, but the Red Salvia was not then in flower. So the same energy was placed into a piece of brick, and by the time the Red Salvia was ready Lisa and I were very familiar with the essence, having already used it for nine months, and the Red Salvia has now taken over from the Brick Essence for the treatment of people, but not for land healing, for which the Brick is still used.

This essence is so useful, I do not know how I ever managed without it! Not only is it a key essence for use for any situation of a person with a tendency to be not quite in their body or not fully grounded, but it also has very wide application in the area of the cleansing and balancing of land and buildings.

It is also a key energetic building block in the healing technology of the New Millennium Energy Healing Device, and is used in several of the Standard Essence Mixes (including the mixes for headaches, dental treatment, motion sickness, and apprehension), and in several important

You could say that this essence (like some others like Quartz and Granite, Strawberry, and Pounamu), provides energetic support to the person while other essences work to resolve the underlying causes of the issue(s). This is certainly the way that I use it often in my client work,
and I am sure that you will find it to be valuable in this role also.

Red Salvia flower essence - For both feet on the ground, rather than jumping out of one's body.
Main Super-Essence:       Body Connectedness

Other Super-Essences:   Body Energy
                                            Schooling Trauma Repair

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             Cultural


      “I choose life.”    “I trust life.”

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