Canterbury Rose flower essence - for cat's territorial issues. Click to go to a large photo

  Red Rose,  “Canterbury”
  Flower Essence


Cat’s territorial issues.

The flower essence for cats, for helping them with issues
that are specific to cats, especially the big issues that all
cats have regarding their territory.

In the modern urban environment, cats are not always able
to satisfy their natural urge to stake out their own exclusive
territory, and this essence helps them with this issue.

Also very useful for cats that are being moved to a new home,
to help them settle in to the new territory, and to not keep trying
to return back “home”, to the old territory.

Canterbury Rose Flower Essence - helping cats with their issues of territory A flower essence, made from two rose bushes that were growing in the garden at our former house in Tainui Street, Somerfield, Christchurch.

There is an interesting little story concerning the discovery of this essence. When Glenys first bought the house, in December 2002, the cat that belonged to the previous owner refused to settle into his new home, which was only a mile or so away, and kept coming back to his old home.

He was a large black male cat, with white markings, and every time we saw him outside in our garden, we would telephone his owner, and she would come and take him back to his new home, until eventually, he must have become too cunning for this routine, and he disappeared and was never seen again, presumably having found a new home somewhere else.

During all this ongoing drama, the cat's owner happened to mention that
he had always loved sitting under these two rose bushes, that it was his
favourite place.  So, when, in November 2003, we came to make a
flower essence from these beautiful red roses, there was no doubt as to
what the essence was for.

Canterbury Rose Flower Essence - helping cats resolve their issues
Main Super-Essence:       None

Other Super-Essences:   None

Principal Category:          Animal Healing

Other Categories:             None


      “I ask that this cat (or these cats), receive this help
        in resolving these issues of territory.”

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