High Hopes Rose flower essence - repairing damage to the aura. Click to go to a large picture for a healing.

“High Hopes” Rose
  Flower Essence


Repairs damage in the human aura.

The aura of most people is damaged, with many holes,
cracks and breaks. This essence provides energies to
repair this damage.

For House Balancing (Feng Shui):
For healing “fractures”, breaks, holes and discontinuities
in the house chi energy. While these type of fractures are
quite rare, their effect can have a very seriously disruptive
influence on the energy of the house.

High Hopes Rose flower essence - repairing breaks and fractures in the aura. A flower essence, made 6 June 2002, from the “High Hopes” roses in the garden at Broadgreen historic house, Stoke, Nelson. This rose is a pink climbing rose, bred by Harkness in 1992.

This essence is one of the new essences added to the New Millennium range of essences during 2002, many of them being roses.  All of these new essences have a power and clarity to their energy that surpasses anything I have seen before, they are what I call “new energy” essences.

As we move into the “new reality” of this new millennium, it becomes possible to work in new ways.  This essence is an upgrade of an earlier one in the New Millennium range, the Leek essence, and it works in a more powerful and comprehensive way, however, the Leek still has its uses, for some situations.

This essence is an example of the tools that we now have available
to us, now that we have entered into the “new energy” of the new

For another flower essence that is for repairing damage to the human
auric field, see the Leek.  The Leek essence is for everyday type use,
and the High Hopes Rose is for advanced type work.

High Hopes Rose flower essence - .
Main Super-Essence:       Repair and Debug

Other Super-Essences:   Feng Shui Fractures

Principal Category:          Energy Anatomy

Other Categories:            House Balancing  (Feng Shui)


      “My body feels the benefits of its new state of wholeness
        and balance, as I enter into the “new energy” of the
        new millennium.”

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