Rosy Cushion Rose flower essence - the legacy of an energy from the past in the body. Click to go to a large picture for a healing.

“Rosy Cushion” Rose
  Flower Essence

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To help process, integrate and dissolve an energy state
in the body that originates from past experience.

It is like our bodies are weighed down and clogged up
with this energy that originates from past events that
we have judged to be hurtful or “bad”.

One consequence of being constantly in this energy-state
is a heightened level of self-doubt.

Rosy Cushion Rose flower essence - dissolving the energy from the past from the body. A flower essence, made 27th June 2002, from a “Rosy Cushion” rose bush in the Wellington Botanic Gardens. This rose is a lovely bush rose, with the habit of a low, spreading shrub, the flowers colored pink with ivory hearts, which give a very striking appearance, and was bred in Holland by Ilsink in 1979.

In a similar manner to which the body goes into a trauma-induced energy state that we call “shock” as a result of any traumatic experience that occurs in the present, there is a similar type of energy that is present in the body as a result of the experiencing of past events. This energy is not the energy of “post-traumatic stress”, it is a different energy that is held in the body and it originates from events that were not “traumatic”, but rather were
judged by us at the time as being disappointing, not what we wanted
to happen, against our wishes, or generally “bad”, without being of
the heavy-duty trauma variety.

The ongoing accumulation of these events has left us with a legacy
of this energy in our bodies, which is a result of a mental construct
that triggers off an emotional energy response, the energy of which
is held in the body.

This essence helps facilitate the processing and release of this energy.

For dealing with the energy of post-traumatic stress, refer to the essence
for shock, with is the Typhoon Rose.

Rosy Cushion Rose flower essence - letting go of old energy from the past.
Main Super-Essence:      Clearing

Other Super-Essences:   Cellular Function

Note that this essence is complete, in that to make the “Past Energy
Releasal” Super-Essence, no other essences need to be added.

Principal Category:           Body Energy

Other Categories:             None


      “My body gladly releases this energy from the past,
        allowing me to be more firmly in the present.”

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