Typhoon Rose flower essence - for shock. Click to go to a large picture for a healing.

“Typhoon” Rose
  Flower Essence


For the treatment of shock of all types,
from all causes.

The experiencing of a trauma that leaves us in a
“state of shock” results in our body energy going
into a state of hyper-activity. This essence helps
the body to deal with this and accelerates the process
of returning to normality.

Also for the treatment of post-traumatic stress.

For humans, animals, plants, anything that has any
form of “consciousness”.

Typhoon Rose flower essence - for shock of all types. A flower essence, made 23rd June 2002, from the “Typhoon” roses in the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

When we “go into shock”, many physiological, emotional and mental changes take place. This is a natural process, that is in the interests of our protection and well-being. The “fight or flight” syndrome is well-known and well-documented.

However, once the initial danger and trauma is passed, we are left with a legacy to deal with. Often, it takes a long time for us to complete the process of processing and integrating all of the mental, emotional and physical factors involved. And, in today's fast-paced world, we sometimes are continuously in this state of processing the legacy of these “shocking experiences”.

Also, especially if the trauma was severe, we are often left with a
legacy of “post-traumatic stress”, which, in severe cases, can be
very debilitating.

This essence helps facilitate a speedy processing and resolution of
all of these factors.

See also the Parkdirektor Riggers Rose, which is for assisting the
body to dissolve “trauma incident legacy packages” from the body.

Important Note: In no way is this form of energy therapy a substitute for
the appropriate medical treatment.

Anyone who suffers an acute physical trauma is advised to seek the appropriate
help at the appropriate emergency room or medical center.

Typhoon Rose flower essence - restoring balance and harmony.
Main Super-Essence:      Shock

Other Super-Essences:   Arnica Equivalent

Note that this essence is complete, in that to make the “Shock”
Super-Essence, no other essences need to be added.

Principal Category:          Body Energy

Other Categories:             None


      “My body processes and integrates this experience,
       and moves on into a state of balance and harmony.”

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