Yellow/Orange Rose flower essence - Breaking out of the old patterns.  Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Yellow and Orange Rose
Flower Essence

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The “breaking the pattern” essence.

To assist with breaking out of the old pattern(s),
seeing the illusion of the old habits, the “same old,
same old.....”, laying aside old programming, and
making room for the new to come forth.

Helping us to lay aside all that pertains to the
“old energy”, allowing space in our lives for the
“new energy” to come in.

Yellow & Orange Rose flower essence - Seeing through the illusion of the old habits. A flower essence, made 28 March, 2002, from yellow/orange colored roses in “Queen's Gardens”, the public botanical gardens in Nelson.

This essence is one of the new essences discovered by Vanda and myself during March and April 2002, during our journey around New Zealand's South Island.  All of these new essences have a power and clarity to their energy that surpasses anything I have seen before.

This is one of those essences where, as soon as I saw this flower, I immediately knew what it was for. The words just appeared instantly in my mind “breaking the pattern”.

I have no idea as to the name of this rose. There was no name
displayed, so I refer to it as the “Breaking the Pattern Rose”.

This essence takes the place of an earlier essence, a sea essence
made in 1999 with a stone found on the Kapiti coast beach. This
new essence has a much greater depth and width to its energy and
also a greater clarity, and it is one of the “New Reality” essences
which are for helping us as we move fully into the “new energy”
of this new millennium.

Yellow and Orange Rose flower essence - Laying aside the old and taking up the new.
Main Super-Essence:      Breaking the Pattern

Other Super-Essences:   None

Note that this essence is complete, in that to make the “Breaking
the Pattern” Super-Essence, no other essences need to be added.

Principal Category:           The New Reality

Other Categories:             Addiction


      “I now step out from the old patterns and blossom
        forth in my new identity.”

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