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Self Acceptance
Stone Essence

The essence of total acceptance of Self.


The essence of totally accepting one's self,
in the totality of whatever one is in the
present moment.

Self Acceptance stone essence - Totally accepting one's Self. Made with a stone found on the beach at Stony Creek, Otago, near Palmerston, 12th March 2002.

This stone was found by Vanda, when we visited Stony Creek beach, while we were staying in the little cottage at “Goodwood”, during our travels around the South Island of New Zealand in March and April, 2002.

As soon as she handed me this stone, saying “This is for you”,
I immediately knew what it was for, and the photographs were taken right there and then, with the stone laying on the sand of the beach where it was found.

The issue of acceptance is of vital importance.  It has been my experience that, until I accept things just as they are, I remain stuck. “What you resist, persists.”

This is especially true of one's self.  If there is something about
myself that I hate, and am resisting, that unwanted aspect of my self
will keep coming back to haunt me.

However, “acceptance” is not the same as “not caring”.
Nor does it imply allowing oneself to be abused or exploited.

The way I understand it is, acceptance means ceasing to resist the
things that we are unable to change, while still choosing to change
(for the better) those things that we can change.

And, strange as it may seem, I have found that.....  once I totally
surrender to any situation that I cannot change, it is then that “fate”
always intervenes to change it!

Self Acceptance essence - the essence of total acceptance.
Main Super-Essence:      Self Acceptance

Other Super-Essences:   None

Note that this essence is complete, in that to make the “Self-
Acceptance” Super-Essence, no other essences need to be added.

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             None


      “I totally accept myself, just as I am,
        right here in the here and now.”

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