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Statice - Violet & White
Flower Essence

Limonium latifolia


Tiny delicate flowers, violet flowers,
with white flowers emerging from the bunch.

The white flowers symbolise the “silver lining”
of every dark cloud.

The good that comes from the opportunity
for growth and learning from the past trauma.
“Miracles happen, in Heaven and on earth.”

For House Balancing (Feng Shui):
Neutralises the negative effects of underground water.
The presence of underground streams and ponds can
have a negative effect on the house chi, and on the
health of people in the house. This essence balances
out these affects.

Everything has a purpose A flower essence, made 20 January, 1999, at the
property of my friend Heidi-Sue, at Ohau, near Levin.

The Statice flowers are very commonly used in dried flower arrangements, in fact this is its principle use and large quantities
are grown commercially for this purpose.

In this variety of Statice, the flowers are initially just violet when
they are first formed, but later on as the flowers mature some of them in the middle of the bunch change colour and become pure white.

This process of changing colour fascinated me, and a few days
after making this flower essence, during a meditation, the definition for the essence came to me, crystal clear.
I saw the white flowers emerging from the midst of the dark
violet flowers, and I saw that this symbolized the silver lining
that is contained in every dark cloud.
I felt the energy of this silver lining, and it was awesome.

I emerged from my meditation with a new knowingness that
every trauma that we ever suffer is really for our highest good,
if only we could see this at the time! And that there is always a silver lining.
If only we are willing to let go of our hurt feelings and drama,
we can always discover this silver lining. It was there all the time, ready to peek through the black clouds: all that was needed was
a willingness on our part to be ready to see it.

If only we are open to see it..... Main Super-Essence:      Learning Integration

Other Super-Essences:   Past Trauma
                                           Gender Battles
                                           Grief Blockage
                                           Feng Shui “Transforming

Principal Category:         Spiritual

Other Categories:            House Balancing  (Feng Shui)


     “I ask the light to reveal the gift in this situation.”

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