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Pink Verbena
Flower Essence



“The Pink Lady”,   Lady Nada. Soothes the weary-hearted, a heart balm. Behind Lady Nada, stands Mother Mary and the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother nurtures us when we have been wounded in our heart.

This flower essence gives one the strength to open up to healing. Also: use pink in visualisations and use rose quartz crystal.
A very powerful essence for men. More physical and earthy than the Living Essences of Australia “Goddess Grasstree”.

The Pink Lady -  Giving us the strength to open up to healing A flower essence, made 3 January, 1999, from the pink Verbena flowers in the garden of Maree, at Te Horo Beach.  Just like the beautiful pink Verbena flowers, this essence has a lovely, soothing energy. Of all the essences in my personal essence set, this is the one that I most often run out of, and have to replenish my stock bottle.

No matter what the cause, no matter what were the details of the original trauma, this essence will always help the weary-hearted.

Just like the Divine Mother will always help all those who call upon her for help, this essence will likewise bring relief to all who are feeling down-trodden and weary of heart.

As mentioned in the definition, this essence is especially powerful for men. It is also wonderfully nurturing for women and for children. Other essences in the mixture are used to deal with the specific energy of the issue, and the Pink Verbena is there to support and nurture as the person goes through the healing process.

I consider the “Nurturing” Super-Essence, of which the Pink Verbena is the key essence, to be the most important Super-Essence in the whole Mew Millennium range, and the Pink Verbena is also used as a “support” essence in no less than six other Super-Essences (see below).

Main Super-Essence:       Nurturing

Pink Verbena - Nurturing us when we 			have been wounded Other Super-Essences:   Wounded Heart
                                            Relationship Fear
                                            Relationship Blockage
                                            Abortion Trauma
                                            Grief Blockage

Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             Legacy of War


    “I ask the Blessed Lady to hold me in her heart and heal my wounds and faulty perceptions.”

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