Violet Lavatera - Feeling Blue.    Click to go to large photo for a healing.

Violet Lavatera
Flower Essence


Subdued, uncertain.
Not sure where to go next.
Fallen into a slump.

Will chase away the grey clouds,
and the sun lights your way.
Not as heavy or stuck as the
“New Perception” Koromiko.

This flower essence is to catch you before you fall.
(Similar energy to Helichrysum).

Violet Lavatera - Fallen into a slump A flower essence, made 27 January, 1999, from the flowers of a Violet Lavatera bush in the garden of Maree, at Te Horo Beach.

Both the violet and the pink varieties of the Lavatera bush have beautiful, delicate flowers. The two flowers are hard to tell apart, having very similar colours. They are also both very useful essences in the New Millennium range. Click here to refer to the Pink Lavatera essence.

The Violet Lavatera flower essence is one of those essences that goes almost un-noticed. It just quietly goes about its job without fuss or bother. It is one of the essences in my personal kit that gets used a lot, yet on looking back I cannot recall much in the way of specific cases where it was used.

This is a versatile essence, that works well with all other essences.
In a series of treatments for the one client, it can pop up at any stage
of the series, often more than once in the series of essence mixes.

It is also, of course, along with Roseraie de l' Hay Rose,
the key essence in the “Feeling Flat” Super-Essence.

Violet Lavatera - chasing away the grey clouds, and the sun lights the way
Main Super-Essence:       Feeling Flat

Other Super-Essences:   Worry

Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             None


      “I call on a bolt of lightning to break through my fog
        with gentleness and ease.”.

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