Wild Turnip - Disorder into order.  Click to have a heaing with a large photo.

Wild Turnip
Flower Essence

Brassica rapa


To bring light out of chaos,
order out of disorder, love out of darkness.....
warmth where there has been a coldness of heart.

For people who are ready for change.

A stabiliser. A very useful flower essence.

Wild Turnip - Bringing love out of darkness. A flower essence, made 29 November, 1996, from the flowers of some wild turnips growing in waste ground besides the woods that I used to walk through every day on my way to work.

I had first noticed the wild turnip plant years before I began
to make flower essences, growing wild on the sides of many
of the Wellington roads.

Something about its energy attracted me, I am sure that back then a part of me knew that I had a special connection with this plant.

I vividly recall how there were lots of Wild Turnip plants growing on the road-sides on the road up the Horokiwi hill, and I would
see them every day as I drove up and down the hill, back in 1993.
The energy of their small pale yellow flowers was calling out to me,
as I whizzed past them on my way home every day.

I even used to stop and pick a few, and keep them in a vase of water
in my bedroom! And, this was three years before I started making essences!

Anyway.....  that's all very interesting, but the point needed to be made now is
that this flower essence is another of those “quiet achievers”, that often go un-noticed,
but it actually fills a very important “support” role within the New Millennium
range of essences.

A similar role, as a “support” essence, to the Violet and White Statice,
Pink Cyclamen, and Milkweed, although each of these “support” type
essences, of course, has it's own particular unique characteristics and uses.

Wild Turnip - Bringing warmth where there has been a coldness of heart.
Main Super-Essence:      None
                                          (A Support Essence)

Other Super-Essences:   Support
                                            Personal Transformation
                                            Grandmother Nurturing
                                            Seeing the Truth
                                            God the Mother

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             None


      “I welcome the warm winds of change.”

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