Pink Camellia in snow, the flower essence for acute trauma

Flower Essences Birthing Mix

Help for baby and mother during birthing....

Here is the very latest version of our “Birthing Mix”, which is our mixture of flower essences for assisting both baby and mother throughout the process of birthing. These cutting-edge essences help the body of both mother and baby with the trauma aspects of the birth, with general support, with fatigue, and for baby, with the process of the soul fully settling into the physical body.   Mixed together in the one bottle, are all of the essences and Super-Essences described on the page below.

Each of the flower essences listed below provides help in the way stated, with all of them working together to provide comprehensive support as stated. Any of the component essences that are not needed will be ignored by the body. Please read the disclaimer statement at the bottom of this page.

Click on the name of the essence or on the picture of the flower, to go to a page that fully describes each one.....

Babies Body Integration, for helping a baby in its body. Click for details Young Babies    For babies who have been born, to help them integrate into their new physical body. (Like a higher vibration of the Dr Bach Star of Bethlehem.) Can be used up to one year old, and can also be given as part of a “birthing mix”, for helping both mother and baby in the birthing process.

Acute Trauma Energy     Pink Camellia, in Snow
Pink Camellia in snow, the flower essence for the energy of acute trauma. Click for details The flower essence for helping the body to deal with the energetic state that overtakes the body, when in a state of shock as a result of experiencing acute trauma for any reason. Gives comprehensive support to the body in dealing with that energy state that often overwhelms a person when they “go into shock”.

Acute Trauma in Body Cells     Hamamelis (Chinese Witchhazel)
Chinese Witchhazel, the flower essence for acute trauma in the body cells. Click for details The flower essence for helping the body, at the cellular level, deal with the effects of acute trauma. When a person “goes into shock” as a result of the experiencing of trauma, our body cells immediately respond to the crisis, and massive changes take place, including the “fight or flight syndrome”. This leaves our cells with a legacy of unfinished business, and this essence helps to resolve this, at the cellular level.

Acute Trauma Holographic     Conifer, in the Snow
Conifer in snow, the flower essence for holographic help for acute trauma. Click for details The flower essence for helping the body to holographically deal with the effects of acute trauma.  Assists in the process of processing, transmuting, and releasing the energy of the acute trauma, holographically, and thus avoids the need for the trauma energy to be stored in the body, where it will later cause various symptoms of a “post-traumatic stress” nature.

Arnica Equivalent     Arnica Daisy
The daisy essence that has an arnica action. Click for details. A flower essence that emulates the action of homeopathic arnica. For shock, bruising, etc, both physical and emotional. Can be mixed with other essences in an essence mix.

Completion of Issues     Dorothy Wycoff Pieris
Dorothy Wycoff Pieris, the flower essence for completion. Click for details The flower essence for completion, for resolution, for the finish of the issue(s) that has been hanging around for some time. To help shift the energy of the person into a state where they naturally release the old state of being, and move on, so that the old issues are no more than a distant memory, a faint echo of a distant past, barely remembered.

Red Rhododendron, the tiredness flower essence. Click for details Tiredness and Fatigue
For tiredness and fatigue of all types, from all causes.
Includes everyday acute weariness, chronic fatigue
syndrome, and also for insomnia.

Potato Vine, the Support essence. Click for details Support    The hand behind the back.....  giving strength and support when the road feels rocky and the legs feel unsteady. Physical and mental. Like the hand of God (or Spirit) is supporting one, but also an essence that has a very physical effect. “Relax and let go. Find your still centre. At peace with the world.”

Darwins Barberry, the Keeping On essence. Click for details Keeping On    To help with motivation to keep on going, no matter how difficult it seems.....
Feeling like “I had my chance, and I blew it”. To get back on the horse after falling off.   Feeling defeated - this essence helps one to keep going and keep trying until the job is done.

White Magnolia - the master orchestrator essence. Click to see details White Magnolia    The “master” essence, that ties it all together. Added to every mixture of the New Millennium Super-Essences. Provides energies for the mix, that include..... linking together of the Super-Essence healing energies, moderating the “healing crisis”, managing the strength of the healing energies.

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The above “Everyday Helper” essence mixture product is available directly from us, as a powerful single-bottle mixture, in a 30ml (approx one ounce) glass bottle. 

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