Pink Dahlia, the main emotional healing flower essence

Emotional Healing

Our flower essence mixture for Emotional Healing......

Here is our “Everyday Helper” flower essence mixture for emotional healing. Mixed together in the one bottle, are all of the essences and Super-Essences described on the page below.

This essence mixture is designed to be a “no brainer”, straight-from-the-bottle solution for emotional healing. Each of the flower essences listed below provides help in the way stated, with all of them working together to provide support and help for each of the issues associated with healing one's emotional baggage, however please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. Any that are not needed will be ignored by the body.

Click on the name of the essence or Super-Essence, or on the picture of the flower, to go to a page that fully describes each one.....

Pink Dahlia, the emotional energy transmutation essence. Click to see details Emotional Recovery    Assists in the transmutation of emotional energies that have accumulated over a life-time. Includes energies that one has “picked up” from other people, etc. Also, to move back from the edge, when one has felt like one is going to break, and to move on, into the fullness of recovery.

Red Flowered Gum, for when things will never be the same. Click to see details Past Trauma    Full flowering, against all odds.   Takes one into the fullness of recovery, on from the feeling of   “Things will never be the same again”.   The basic, core issue of recovery from past trauma.

Pink Sedum, the Wounded Heart essence. Click to see details Wounded Heart
For weakness around the heart. Heart disease, etc. The emotional fears have manifested in the body, or will do, if left unresolved.  Includes broken heart syndrome. (As per Louise Hay).

Gazania, the feeling stuck essence. Click to see details Stuck    Frees one from the feeling of being stuck in tar..... not being free to move. Unable to leap free of the beliefs of the past. Even when one jumps, one lands in the tar again. “The Dancing Gazelle”..... Lifts the spirits and frees the heart to dance lightly, like the gazelle, prancing and jumping joyously and freely. To be able to prance, jump and land again.

Coriander, the flower essence for recoving from a loss. Click to see details Mourning and Grieving    For mourning and grieving a loss of any type. Feeling empty. Laughter has gone out of one's life. To bring back the laughter - feeling jolly again. A grief essence - bereavement, some time ago: it's time to put the black clothes away and move back into life (going over time). “To help the transition back into the world, when the mourning period is over.”

Cosmos, the Recovery from Child Abuse essence. Click to see details Childhood Trauma Recovery    Helping to heal all forms of childhood trauma, including restoring that delicate balance that was destroyed when the carer came from a position of abuse rather than love.  Includes specific support for sexual and physical abuse, and for the tendency to jump out of one’s body as a legacy of this.

Pink Verbena, the nurturing essence. Click to see details Nurturing    Nurtures us when we have been wounded in our heart. The energy of Lady Nada, the pink lady.  Gives the strength to open up to healing. Everyone needs nurturing, and most of us have missed out on this basic human need.

Spur Valerian, the Letting Go essence. Click to see details Letting Go    When it’s time to move on..... Closing the door of the “old” firmly behind oneself....  and thus making room for the “new” in one’s life. Letting go of  “what might have been”, gracefully letting go of the perceived loss, stepping on from living in the past, and moving forward with confidence into the new.

Piripiri, the Forgiveness essence. Click to see details Forgiveness    The forgiveness essence. To allow the energy of forgiveness to enter our hearts and dissolve the barbs that we have placed there and projected onto others.

Pink Blossom, the moving out of winter into spring flower essence. Click to see details Summer of the Mind
For people who feel that their life is one long continuous winter, a winter of discontent. To help bring them out into the sunshine, bringing back the laughter and gaiety. Unlike the planetary seasons, the seasons of the mind can change at any time.

Eagle's Eye, the seeing clearly essence. Click to see details Seeing Clearly
To step back and see clearly the full picture, the wider view. To shift one's focus and to see things as they really are, rather than as we had wanted them to be.

Ostrich Foot, the Gender Battles shell essence. Click to see details Gender Battles    Healing gender-based hurts, carried by men and by women since the beginning of time. Men hurting women, and women hurting men. The pain of words that pierce the body like small arrows - leaving the fabric of humanity scarred and afraid.

Emotional Relief     Valley Rose Pieris
Valley Rose Pieris, the flower essence for emotional relief. Click to go to a large picture The emotional relief flower essence, to help provide relief from all forms of emotional pain and emotional despair. Everyone has some degree of  “unfinished emotional business”, and this flower essence provides multi-aspect and multi-level support to help a person to cope with this, and to move along towards resolution.

Feelin' Good     Bokit Begonia
Bokit Begonia, the flower essence for smooth sailing no matter what. Click to go to a large picture The “feelin' good, life just flows” flower essence. To help bring about a state of being where one feels better in all areas of one's life, that natural state of “living in grace” that everybody desires and few attain, especially in these modern times of complex challenges.

White Magnolia - the master orchestrator essence. Click to see details White Magnolia    The “master” essence, that ties it all together. Added to every mixture of the New Millennium Super-Essences. Provides energies for the mix, that include..... linking together of the Super-Essence healing energies, moderating the “healing crisis”, managing the strength of the healing energies.

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