Potato Vine, one of the main everyday living flower essences

Everyday Living

Our flower essence mixture for Everyday Living......

Here is our “Everyday Helper” flower essence mixture for those “everyday living” issues that everybody in this modern society faces. For help with coping with the stresses and all those little low-level traumas associated with life in the 21st century.

Mixed together in the one bottle, are all of the essences and Super-Essences described on the page below.

This essence mixture is designed to be a “no brainer”, straight-from-the-bottle solution for those issues of “everyday living”. Each of the flower essences listed below provides help in the way stated, with all of them working together to provide support and help for each of the issues, however please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. Any essences that are not needed will be ignored by the body.

Click on the name of the essence or Super-Essence, or on the picture of the flower, to go to a page that fully describes each one.....

Feelin' Good     Bokit Begonia
Bokit Begonia, the flower essence for smooth sailing no matter what. Click to go to a large picture The “feelin' good, life just flows” flower essence. To help bring about a state of being where one feels better in all areas of one's life, that natural state of “living in grace” that everybody desires and few attain, especially in these modern times of complex challenges.

Pink Dahlia, the emotional energy release essence. Click for full details Emotional Energy Release     Pink Dahlia
To assist in the transmutation of emotional energy. Includes emotional energies from any time in one's life, right from conception to very recently..... For example, can be used to assist in clearing emotional energies that have been “picked up” from other people, or from things like television programs, movies, video games, conflict, etc. Also for
animals, to assist them in transmuting and releasing the emotional energy
that they pick up from humans, and, for children, to assist them in
processing and releasing the emotional energy that they absorb from adults.

Feverfew, the flower essence for body balance and body energy. Click for details Body Energy and Balance     Feverfew
The flower essence for help with body balance and body energy. Helping us to maintain balance in our physical body, and to keep our body energy in alignment with our highest purpose.

Small Daisy, the flower essence for shock and cellular trauma. Click for details Shock and Cellular Trauma     Burnt Daisy
To assist on all levels in processing the energy of shock and trauma in the body cells. For physical trauma and also for emotional trauma. Helps the body to process and speedily release the energy of trauma from the cells, thus helping prevent the retention of this energy and the eventual experiencing of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Grass, the flower essence for tiredness and fatigue. Click for details Tiredness and Fatigue     Dried-up Grass
The flower essence for all aspects of tiredness and fatigue. Includes help for the body with the low energy aspects of tiredness, and help for when a person has to keep going even when feeling exhausted.

Relief Essence     Yellow Canna Lily
Yellow Canna Lily, the zpf essence for relief. Click for details “Relief”.  This is the zpf Master Healer essence for “relief”. The essence for when you just desperately want help, and you want if now! No messing about with “working through one's issues”, no fooling about with “healing crises”, you just want some immediate respite from that which is driving you crazy! Well.... here it is! Provides help with the “perception of suffering”, helping a person to realize that the suffering is generated in the mind, and that, once this is realized, that the symptoms of “suffering” can shift, even physical body symptoms.

Jumbled and Scattered     Fennel Seeds on fence
Fennel Seeds, the zpf essence for restoring scattered and jumbled energy. Click for details “Restoring the randomly scattered and jumbled.” Part of the energy of this essence is that I am actually not exactly sure as to whether the plants are actually fennel! They actually could be yarrow, it is hard to tell the two of them apart when they are at the seeding stage and the plant is actually dead. But whatever, we do know what the essence is for, which is to help restore one's energy back to its functional state when it has been hopelessly distorted by being broken up and scattered.

Potato Vine, the Support essence. Click to see details Support    The hand behind the back.....  giving strength and support when the road feels rocky and the legs feel unsteady. Physical and mental. Like the hand of God (or Spirit) is supporting one, but also an essence that has a very physical affect. “Relax and let go. Find your still centre. At peace with the world.”

Olearia, for when the mind just will not rest. Click to see details Mental Dysfunction    When the mind is caught up in an endless, futile, pattern of going around and around. Trying to figure things out, when the solution will not be found in the mind. Needing to step back and just let it go, which will allow the answer to come.

Darwins Barberry, the Keeping On essence. Click to see details Keeping On    To give one a second chance.....
Feeling like “I had my chance, and I blew it”. To get back on the horse after falling off.   Feeling defeated - this essence helps one to get up and try one more time.

Yellow Flower Bush, the Depression essence. Click to see details Depression    To lift people out of their depression. Hopelessness and despair, giving up. In deep despair, feeling like falling. To catch one and lift one out of a hole. To give one the strength to stand tall.

Canadian Fleabane, the Mourning and Grieving essence. Click to see details Mourning and Grieving    Feeling empty. Laughter has gone out of one's life. To bring back the laughter - feeling jolly again.
A grief essence - bereavement, some time ago: it's time to put the black clothes away and move back into life (going over time).
“To help the transition back into the world, when the mourning period is over.” Can be any loss  (eg. a burglary, a limb.)

Gazania, the feeling stuck essence. Click to see details Stuck    Frees one from the feeling of being stuck in tar.....
not being free to move. Unable to leap free of the beliefs of the past. Even when one jumps, one lands in the tar again.
“The Dancing Gazelle”.....   Lifts the spirits and frees the heart to dance lightly, like the gazelle, prancing and jumping joyously and freely.   To be able to prance, jump and land again.

White Bold Rhododendron, for releasing karmic residue. Click for large picture Karmic Residue Release     White Bold Rhododendron
For helping a person, in what is mainly a subconscious letting go process, work through the many layers of “karmic residue” that they are holding onto, and in this process to also change their paradigm regarding the nature of so-called “past lives” and to realise that they no longer need to be held in old patterns or paradigms.

Kapai Rose flower essence, dealing with ancestral karma. Click for a large picture Ancestral Karma Resolve     Kapai Rose
The flower essence for resolving “ancestral karma”, ie. karma that belonged to our ancestors that has been passed down to us, and in many cases is no longer of any relevance to us in the here and now.

Everlasting Daisy, the etheric insect repellent. Click for details Etheric Insect Repellent     Everlasting Daisy
The “etheric insect repellent” flower essence. Working at the etheric level, this flower essence provides an energy of repulsion to all insect-like entities, whether or not they have a 3D physical body.

Psychic Attachments     Lantana camara
Lantana camara, the psychic attachments flower essence. Click for details The flower essence for releasing “psychic attachments”, ie. subtle energy connections which a person has at the psychic, astral and emotional levels to other people, entities, and energies. These “attachments” can be used by the other party to bleed energy (ie. steal energy), or to transmit negativity. This type of connection is a violation, and is also a gross distortion of a natural function, where people are connected together by common consent, for positive reasons.

Protection from Energy Attack     Guardian Tree
Guardian Tree, for protection from energy attack. Click for details A tree essence for help with protection from “energy attack”. An essence made from a tree that grows on the northwest corner of Peter's property. Guardian trees of this kind can be found in various places, standing ready to repel any attack from any form of negative or evil energy.

Master Linkage     Tree, with Creeper
Tree with creeper, the "master linkage" essence. Click for details The master linkage essence, for connecting together the healing energies of combinations of the New Generation Alchemy Essences. This essence is used in all mixtures of our “New Generation Alchemy Essences”, and our other advanced sets of essences, and it provides energies to connect together the various healing energies of these very advanced essences, into one synergistic whole. Could be said to be “the glue” that holds all of the various energies together.

Nothing in this Web site is intended to be taken as “medical advice” or medical treatment.

Anyone with any medical condition is advised to seek the appropriate advice and treatment from the appropriate health-care professional.

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