Pink Poppy, one of the main illness support flower essences

Illness Support

Our flower essence mixture for emotional and physical support during illness......

Here is our “Everyday Helper” flower essence mixture for illness and sickness. Mixed together in the one bottle, are all of the essences and Super-Essences described on the page below.

This essence mixture is designed to be a “no brainer”, straight-from-the-bottle solution to support the body during all forms of illness and sickness, including acute illnesses, chronic sickness, and infectious disease. Each of the flower essences listed below provides help in the way stated, with all of them working together to provide support and help for recovery from the illness, however please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. Any that are not needed will be ignored by the body.

Click on the name of the essence or Super-Essence, or on the picture of the flower, to go to a page that fully describes each one.....

Black Knight Bergamot, the biochemisty balance essence. Click to see details Acute Body Symptoms
Opens up one’s energy..... when the life-force has been closing down. Also helps to balance the energy of the biochemistry processes in the physical body.

Pink Flowered Bush, the Chronic Body Symptoms essence. Click to see details Chronic Body Symptoms
For healing chronic body symptoms. To help a person to bring their body systems back into a state of balance and harmony, where chronic illness has disrupted the normal functioning of the body systems.

Pink Poppy - the flower essence for Metabolic Function. Click to see details Metabolic Function
The super-essence for the human metabolic system.
To help a person to bring all of the functions of their
metabolic system into complete balance and harmony.

Joseph's Coat Rose, the Body Rejuvenation essence. Click to see details Body Rejuvenation
The reconfiguration of the human energy system. The complete overhaul, realignment, and rebalancing of all aspects of the energy of the human body, bringing it into alignment with the New Reality of the 21st century.

Potato Vine, the Support essence. Click to see details Support    The hand behind the back.....  giving strength and support when the road feels rocky and the legs feel unsteady. Physical and mental. Like the hand of God (or Spirit) is supporting one, but also an essence that has a very physical affect. “Relax and let go. Find your still centre. At peace with the world.”

Parsley, the Body Balance essence. Click to see details Body Balance    Stimulates stagnant energy into movement, and allows one to “wake up and live a new day.” For people who are feeling as if their energy is ebbing. Stimulates the free flow of new ideas, regeneration energy.

Red Salvia, the Base Chakra anchoring essence. Click to see details Grounding
Connecting one’s energy to the energy of the Earth. Also, to assist one in anchoring one’s spirit into one’s base chakra, with one’s feet firmly on the ground, rather than jumping out of one’s body.

Red Salvia, the Body Connectedness essence. Click to see details Body Connectedness    Anchors the spirit into the base chakra and encourages one to have both feet on the ground, rather than jumping out of one’s body.   Also to ease the spirit into the body..... for people where the spirit does not quite “fit” in the body.

Darwins Barberry, the Keeping On essence. Click to see details Keeping On    To give one a second chance..... Feeling like “I had my chance, and I blew it”. To get back on the horse after falling off.   Feeling defeated - this essence helps one to get up and try one more time.

Leek, the aura repair flower essence. Click to see details Aura Repair
To strengthen the auric energy field that has holes in it. As a result of this strengthening, the body is better able to undertake the job of repairing the holes and breaks in the energy field.

Violet/Pink Cyclamen flower essence - regulating the dopamine in the brain and body. Click to see details Dopamine Regulation
The flower essence for regulating and balancing the production of dopamine in the brain and in the body.

Red Rhododendron, the tiredness flower essence. Click to see details Tiredness and Fatigue
For tiredness and fatigue of all types, from all causes.
Includes everyday acute weariness, chronic fatigue
syndrome, and also for insomnia and sleeplessness.

Body Symptoms Relief     Thytomene calycina
Thytomene calycina, the flower essence for physical symptoms relief. Click to go to a large picture The body symptoms relief flower essence, to help provide relief from physical symptoms in the body. Helps the body to come into a more balanced state, while the actual physical healing takes place, so that the symptoms are lessened.

Completion of Issues     Dorothy Wycoff Pieris
Dorothy Wycoff Pieris, the flower essence for tidy-up and completion. Click to go to a large picture The flower essence for completion, for resolution, for the finish of the issue(s) that has been hanging around for a long time. To help shift the energy of the person into a state where they naturally release the old state of being, and move on, so that the old issues are no more than a distant memory, a faint echo of a distant past, barely remembered.

White Magnolia - the master orchestrator essence. Click to see details White Magnolia    The “master” essence, that ties it all together. Added to every mixture of the New Millennium Super-Essences. Provides energies for the mix, that include..... linking together of the Super-Essence healing energies, moderating the “healing crisis”, managing the strength of the healing energies.

Nothing in this Web site is intended to be taken as “medical advice” or medical treatment.

Anyone with any medical condition is advised to seek the appropriate advice and treatment from the appropriate health-care professional, and anyone suffering from a serious illness should be under the care and advice of a doctor or other appropriately-qualified professional medical practitioner.

The above “Everyday Helper” essence mixture product is available directly from us, as a powerful single-bottle mixture, in a 30ml (approx one ounce) glass bottle. 

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