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Everyday Helpers
Our range of off-the-shelf mixtures of flower essences......

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Using the full range of our powerful flower essences as the components, we have developed our “Everyday Helpers”, a comprehensive range of flower essence mixtures, designed for instant use for help with a wide range of common health issues, as described below. These products have all recently been upgraded, with the addition of some very powerful new essences to each one, including the core most important of our Quantum essences.

The Everyday Helpers bottles, with their beautiful pictures on the labels. Click for a large picture These “Everyday Helper” essence mixtures are designed for “over-the-counter” sale in retail shops like health-food stores, healing centers and spas, pharmacies and drug stores, and by therapists to their clients. All of these “Everyday Helpers” are supplied in large 30ml blue bottles, ready for instant use, straight from the bottle.

The Everyday Helpers are available in many health food shops, organic shops and pharmacies throughout New Zealand. For details of our stockists, please click here.

They are also available directly from us, in the same way as all of our products. To view the pricing for these products, or to place an order, please go to our Online Store.

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Note that we also have a similar range of powerful ready-to-use essence mixtures for animals, our Animal Helper products.

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Yellow Rose, one of the trauma essences in Everyday Emergency. Click to see details Everyday Emergency    This is our versatile and powerful trauma mixture, and could be said to fill the same role as the Bach Flowers “Rescue Remedy” (tm). For help with all types of trauma, including physical injury, emotional and mental trauma, “bad news shock”, etc. Keep a bottle always on hand for those unexpected sudden “everyday emergencies”.

Potato Vine, one of the everyday living flowers. Click to see details. Everyday Living    Our helper for those “everyday living” issues that everybody in this modern society faces. For help with coping with the stresses and all those little low-level traumas associated with life in the 21st century. Provides support and healing, and also helps a person process and release negative energies picked up from other people and from the environment.

Violet Lavatera, one of the stress flower essences. Click to see details. Stress
For help with all forms of stress and burnout, from all causes. Gives help with emotional and physical support, grounding, balance, body energy, tiredness, and with stuck and blocked energy.

Yellow Flower Bush, one of the flower essences for depression and grief. Click to see details Depression and Grief
For help with all forms of depression, and also for helping to deal with unresolved grief and mourning. Helps a person to find the courage to climb out of that black hole and to move on.

Pink Dahlia, one of the emotional healing flower essences. Click to see details Emotional Healing    For help with healing past emotional and mental hurt, gaining the benefit of the lessons learned from the experiences, releasing all attachment to what happened or did not happen, and moving on, better and wiser for the experience.

Red Rhododendron, one of the flower essences for tiredness. Click to see details Tiredness and Fatigue
For tiredness and fatigue, and also for insomnia. Includes acute fatigue, travel fatigue, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Yellow Canna Lily, one of the addiction flower essences. Click to see details Addictions
For help with addictions of all types, including drugs, alcohol, smoking, and the “process addictions” like gambling, shopping, and relationship addiction.

Nicotiana alata, the main smoking addiction essence. Click to see details Smoking Addiction
Emotional and energetic support and help for the tobacco-addicted smoker in the giving up of smoking. Provides comprehensive support for many of the issues that are faced by people who are going through the process of quitting smoking.

Pink Poppy, one of the flower essences for support when sick. Click to see details Illness Support
For support during the process that we call “illness”, which is actually a time of opportunity for positive change and great advancement. Includes essences to balance and support the body, for cleansing, grounding and healing, and for keeping going.

Elegans Supreme Camellia, one of the flower essences for children's issues. Click to see details Children
For helping children with their health-related issues, including emotional and spiritual support, recovery from childhood illnesses, and with their “emotional mirroring”, where they mirror the emotional issues of adults who are close to them.

Jean Ducher Rose, one of the flower essences for women's health. Click to see details Women's Health
Help for women with female health issues, including hormonal balance, pms, menopause symptoms, and all aspects of women's sexual and reproductive system health.

Red and White Camellia, one of the flower essences for animal's issues. Click to see details Animals
For helping animals with their health-related issues, and with their “emotional mirroring”, where they mirror the emotional issues of the people who are close to them. A comprehensive health product for all animals, including pets and farm animals.

The white stone for helping baby come fully into the body. Click for details Birthing
A mixture of flower essences for helping both baby and mother during the process of birthing. An all-in-one mix that includes help with the trauma, etc, and also help for baby to fully settle into the physical body. Also gives general energetic support, and help with fatigue, etc.

The Everyday Helpers bottles, with their beautiful pictures on the labels. Click for a large picture The above “Everyday Helpers” are supplied in beautiful dark blue glass bottles, with glass droppers, as ready-to-use “treatment strength” mixtures. The bottles are 30ml size (approx. one fluid ounce), and the labels are printed on water-proof glossy paper, with a color picture of the flower that is the main ingredient. Click on the picture to the right, to go to a large picture of the bottles.

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