Violet Lavatera, one of the flower essences for stress


Our flower essence mixture for Stress......

Here is our “Everyday Helper” flower essence mixture for stress. Mixed together in the one bottle, are all of the essences and Super-Essences described on the page below.

This product has recently had a major upgrade, with the addition of some new and very powerful essences, including a core group of our Quantum Essences, and our new Debugger Essences.

This essence mixture is designed to be a “no brainer”, straight-from-the-bottle solution for the problem of stress. Each of the flower essences listed below provides help in the way stated, with all of them working together to provide support and help for each of the issues associated with leading a stressful lifestyle, however, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Click on the name of the essence or Super-Essence, or on the picture of the flower, to go to a page that fully describes each one.....

Roseraire de l' Hay rose, the stress essence. Click to see details Stress    For help with all types and degrees of stress. From the mild feeling of “feeling helpless”, feeling “delicate”, going to break, through to the point of heading for full depression.

Everyday Challenges.  Click to see details Everyday Challenges    Those one hundred and one “little” things. That final straw that is breaking the camel’s back. Helping us, giving us strength and support, in facing all those challenges..... including our sense of guilt and self-blame, our frustrations, and our boredom with it all.

Scorched Pigface, the flower essence for stress and burnout. Click for details Stress and Low Energy     Scorched Pigface
The flower essence for feeling stressed and burnt out. For help on all levels for all forms of stress and burnout. Includes help for the body with the symptoms, and also for the mind and emotions, for the underlying reasons why a person is manifesting this stress in their life. A very comprehensive and powerful essence, covering all aspects of this issue, that is so common in today's society.

Broadgreen Tree, the tree essence for feeling out of balance. Click to see details Out of Balance     Broadgreen Tree
This essence is for the feeling of being out of balance, due mainly to the physical body being out of balance due to diet, or other issues arising from within. It includes being out of balance due to lack of self-worth, feeling permanently uncomfortable within one's skin, and as a result, never balanced in a healthy way.

Our next group of essences is from our very recent Quantum essences, only developed in early 2018, and which take the art of essence technology to a new level

Divine Alchemy     Ohinemuri Apple
Ohinemuri Apple, the essence of the Penetrating Divine Illumination. Click for details This is an extraordinary essence, representing the ultimate level of healing, which this project has been working towards for over 25 years. Known to the ancient Chinese Sages as the "Penetrating Divine Illumination", at this level of healing no specific technique is needed, it just happens spontaneously, and all the yin, yang, and Qi energies just automatically rearrange themselves into perfect balance and alignment. "Consciousness transformed, into a manifestation of its own inherent perfection".

Ho'Oponopone Prayer     Niagra Grape
Niagra Grape, the Ho'Oponoponeo Prayer essence. Click for details This essence carries the power of the healing energies of an ancient Hawaiian prayer, the Ho'Oponopono Prayer, that is used by thousands of people all over the world. In its abbreviated form, it says.... "I'm sorry. Forgive me. I love you". Those simple words have enormous power, amplified by the conscious intent of all the thousands of people who say them daily. Those words have power, the power to heal, and this essence manifests that healing power. Repeat these words often, as a mantra, to more fully unleash their healing power.

White Gold Healing     Aquilegia viridflora
Aquilegia viridflora, the White Gold essence. Click for details This essence carries the power of the healing energies of the mysterious and mythical "White Gold", which is a major theme in the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the "Unbeliever", as told in the novels by Stephen Donaldson. Because, in "The Land", where Covenant has been magically transported to, white gold does not exist, other than in the imagination of humans, but, there exists the paradox of Covenant having a ring of "white gold" on his finger (his wedding ring), this gives him magical powers. But, he has no idea of how to use those powers, and this is the major theme of the stories, Covenant's search for knowledge of how to use the powers of White Gold. The 25-year search for the powers that these essences carry is a parallel story to this, a long and arduous search, which has now been fulfilled, with the manifestation of these Quantum Healing Essences.

Pain Grid     Pink and White Naked Ladies
Naked Ladies, the pain grid essence. Click for details The human body has a number of energetic grids that are part of the energy body, and one of those grids is the "pain grid". This grid is often referred to as the "pain body", as described by the spiritual teacher Eckharte Tolle. The pain grid is made up of a kind of energy that has accumulated from the experiencing of trauma, over the whole lifetime of the person. It's like the pain grid is the repository of all of the past trauma that the person has experienced. If a person is ever to be totally free of their past, this grid needs to have its energy released, and this essence is for helping with that process. This process needs to be done gradually, in tandem with other healing work, including the releasing of old patterns from the subconscious mind.

Our next group of essences is from our Zero Point Field collection, made around 2011, and still very useful.

Relief Essence     Yellow Canna Lily
Yellow Canna Lily, the zpf essence for relief. Click for details “Relief”.  This is the zpf Master Healer essence for “relief”. The essence for when you just desperately want help, and you want if now! No messing about with “working through one's issues”, no fooling about with “healing crises”, you just want some immediate respite from that which is driving you crazy! Well.... here it is! Provides help with the “perception of suffering”, helping a person to realize that the suffering is generated in the mind, and that, once this is realized, that the symptoms of “suffering” can shift, even physical body symptoms.

Jumbled and Scattered     Fennel Seeds on fence
Fennel Seeds, the zpf essence for restoring scattered and jumbled energy. Click for details “Restoring the randomly scattered and jumbled.” Part of the energy of this essence is that I am actually not exactly sure as to whether the plants are actually fennel! They actually could be yarrow, it is hard to tell the two of them apart when they are at the seeding stage and the plant is actually dead. But whatever, we do know what the essence is for, which is to help restore one's energy back to its functional state when it has been hopelessly distorted by being broken up and scattered.

Chakras - Energetic     Three Pines
Three Pines, the zpf essence for the energetic chakra issues. Click for details This tree essence is the chakra essence for the energetic aspects of the chakras. It is made up of three pine trees, of three different varieties of pine, and located at varying distances from the front porch of my house. The three trees can be visually lined up in a straight line, if one moves into the correct position, and this symbolizes all of the energies of all the chakras being in perfect balance and alignment.

Our next group of essences is for karmic and ancestral energy that underlies all human dysfunction. These were made circa 2007.

White Bold Rhododendron, for releasing karmic residue. Click for large picture Karmic Residue Release     White Bold Rhododendron
For helping a person, in what is mainly a subconscious letting go process, work through the many layers of “karmic residue” that they are holding onto, and in this process to also change their paradigm regarding the nature of so-called “past lives” and to realise that they no longer need to be held in old patterns or paradigms.

Kapai Rose flower essence, dealing with ancestral karma. Click for a large picture Ancestral Karma Resolve     Kapai Rose
The flower essence for resolving “ancestral karma”, ie. karma that belonged to our ancestors that has been passed down to us, and in many cases is no longer of any relevance to us in the here and now.

Europeana Rose, the flower essence for genetically inherited body characteristics. Click for a large picture Genetically Inherited Body Traits     Europeana Rose
The flower essence for moderating one's genetically inherited basic body characteristics. Each of us has inherited a particular set of body characteristics, which are embedded in our genes, and this flower essence is for helping is to work with these characteristics, and, within the limits of what is appropriate for us, to change these characteristics.

We also have our four latest "Debugger" essences, for relief from negative energies and from energetic attack.

Immunity and Antidote     "Spooky" Trees
Spooky Trees, the Immunity and Antidote Debugger essence. Click for details This grove of trees, located near the seaside in Thames, have a decidedly "spooky" energy about them, a dark and foreboding, and negative brooding kind of energy. Their "spooky" energy is being used in this essence as a very advanced remedy for gaining immunity from all kind of evil and negativity, of the kind that the energy of these trees represent.

Decontamination     Orange Canna Lily.
Orange Canna Lily, the debugger essence for decontamination. Click for details This flower essence, a single orange canna lily plant in the middle of a small grove of trees and other plants, nicely complements the other two debugger essences in this little set, by providing a powerful "decontamination" energy, that cleans out the toxic contamination energy that is the legacy of a person being infested by negative entities and similar.

Transcending Evil     Pink Rose
Pink Rose, for transcending evil. Click for details This is the "Jack Cohen Memorial Rose", in the Te Aroha Community Gardens. I did not know Jack, but I presume he was someone who worked tirelessly for the good of the community. I also presume that some of that good energy is now residing in this rose, energising it for its work as the essence for transcending evil, and promoting good.

Protection from Energy Attack     Guardian Tree
Guardian Tree, for protection from energy attack. Click for details A tree essence for help with protection from “energy attack”. An essence made from a tree that grows on the northwest corner of Peter's property. Guardian trees of this kind can be found in various places, standing ready to repel any attack from any form of negative or evil energy.

And, finally, this one ties it all together.

Master Linkage Essence     KawaKawa and Huge Rock
KawaKawa and big rock, the zpf Master Linkage Essence. Click for details This essence of the native New Zealand healing plant, KawaKawa, growing all over a huge stone in the New Zealand bush, is the “Master Linkage Essence”, that holds all the energies together in a blend of these Zero Point Field essences. This essence is the latest, “zpf version”, of a “linkage essence”. It provides energies to orchestrate, fine-tune and harmonize all of the energies in all of the essences in a Zero-Point-Field essence blend. It helps with the overall balance of the blend as a whole, fine-tuning the blend into a whole-istic tightly-integrated whole rather than just a mixture of individual essences. It also integrates the healing energies from various associated modality remedies (essential oils, homeopathics, herbal remedies, homeobotanicals, etc.) into the overall zpf flower essence blend.

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