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F.A.Q’s  on Technical Terms used in Relation to Essences

What is actually in the bottle I get?

Your bottle of flower and gem essences contains pure water,  with an energy “pattern”,  from each individual flower essence and gem essence that has been put into the mix.

If the bottle of essences has been mixed up for you by an essence practitioner,  the practitioner may have added a small amount of brandy as a preservative (typically, about a teaspoon full).  For short-term use, up to 12 days or so, no preservative is needed.  For longer-term storage and use, a larger amount of brandy is needed.

If the bottle is an over-the-counter mixture,  a larger quantity of brandy will be in the mix  (typically, somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of the total),  because this quantity is needed for long-term storage.

What is  “Stock”?

“Stock” is the name given to a flower essence or gem essence,  or mixture of essences,  that is one dilution down from the “mother tincture” level.  “Stock” is made by adding a few drops of the mother tincture essence into a bottle filled with pure water and brandy.  (See the next question below, for an explanation of “mother tincture”).

“Stock” is the strength that is usually supplied by the essence manufacturer to essence practitioners.  A typical essence practitioner will have a range of stock bottles of various essences,  and will mix up an individual mixture of essences by adding a few drops from each of the stock bottles,  that are needed for this person,  into a “treatment bottle”. (See below for an explanation of “treatment bottle”).

In other words.... “stock strength” means the essence is in its concentrated form, one level more concentrated than the strength that you would actually take.

The quantity of essence supplied in a stock-strength bottle varies between different essence manufacturers. The average “industry standard” stock bottle is a brown glass bottle, with a glass dropper and a rubber teat, and the most common size is 10 ml (one third of an American fluid ounce). This 10 ml bottle is the size that all of the New Millennium Essences stock-strength essences are supplied in.

What is  “Mother Tincture”?

Mother tincture being made in a wine glass. “Mother tincture” is the individual flower essence or gem essence at the original strength that it comes out of the wine glass,  following the manufacturing process of exposure to the energy of the sun with the flowers or gem(s) in the water.

The water is bottled, and a preservative is added (usually brandy).  This mix of water and brandy becomes the “mother tincture” for this particular flower essence or gem essence,  and a few drops of this mother tincture is used to prepare the bottles of “stock”  (see the previous question for a definition of “stock”).

What are the  “Super Essences”?

The New Millennium “Super-Essences” are combinations of individual essences, with between two and six individual flower essences and/or gem essences mixed together in a special way to form a “Super-Essence”.

Each “Super-Essence” becomes an entity in its own right.....  it is not “just a mixture of its individual components”.  The whole definitely is much more that just the sum of the parts.  The individual component flower essences and gem essences have a resonance with each other,  and they combine together to form a very powerful energy entity.

For a more detailed explanation of “Super-Essences”, please refer to this article on the Super-Essences.

The Super-Essences are supplied as stock-strength bottles to practitioners.
For details of the various sets of Super-Essences that we have available click here.
To see details of a kit of Super-Essences for practitioners, click here.

A Super-Essences bottle is normally supplied at “stock” strength, and a dose can either be taken as a single drop straight from the stock bottle, or a number of Super-Essences can be mixed together to make up a mixture of as many as are needed, all in the one treatment bottle.

What is a   “Treatment Bottle”?

A “treatment bottle” of essences is the actual bottle that you take a mixture of essences from. In the bottle there will be a solution of pure water, with some preservative (usually brandy), and with a few drops (from the ”stock” bottles), of each of the essences that are needed.

The usual practice is to take a few drops from the treatment bottle, usually orally in the mouth (although this is not essential, placing a few drops on the skin works just as well, or a few drops can be added to food or drink).

Typically, the essences would be taken several times a day, for between ten and fourteen days.

If the essence mixture was needed to be taken for only a short time, the brandy can be omitted, or, if the mixture needs to be kept for a long time, a larger amount of brandy than the typical teaspoon-full would be used.

The actual bottle used for a treatment bottle essence mix is usually a brown glass bottle with a glass dropper and a rubber teat, and the most commonly used size is 25 ml (three-quarters of an American fluid ounce).

We provide a mail-order service, where we send treatment bottles of our essences, diagnosed and mixed up to suit the individual, to anyone, anywhere in the world. See our Consultations Page for details.

What preservative is used in Essences?

The usual preservative used in essences is brandy.  The brandy has an alcohol content of 37.5 percent,  and for long-term storage about 40 percent brandy needs to be added to the water.

The brandy used in the manufacture of the New Millennium Essences is the good quality French brand “Chatelle” which is the same brand that was used and recommended by the late Mary Garbely,  the pioneer of essence making in New Zealand.

Cider vinegar can be used as a non-alcohol alternative.

What type of water is used in Essences?

The tradition laid down by Dr Edward Bach is to use pure water from a spring or stream from nearby where the essence is being made.

In these modern times where many streams are polluted,  essence manufacturers have to find other sources.

The water used in all stages of the manufacture of the New Millennium Essences is pure mineral water of the highest quality,  obtained from a source near Wanganui, on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.  This water is obtained straight out of the ground,  direct from a large-bore stainless-steel pipe,  and bottled in glass containers  (we do not use plastic containers).  This mineral water is laboratory tested regularly for the presence of any contaminants, etc,  and in all the times that these tests have been run,  no detectable contaminants have ever been found.

If there is anything you do not understand, or if you have any questions, you are welcome to us.

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