Cotoneaster berries essence - for changing the past to a more optimum memory
      Optimum past choice facilitator

This essence is for helping a person to go back into any time in their past and to “change their past reality”, as if something actually happened differently to how it actually did happen. It is possible to do this because “the past” actually only really has any existence within the mind; it is only the mind that contains the past, it does not occur anywhere else.

It is therefore possible to literally “change the past”, just by changing one's mind! Just like it says in “A Course in Miracles” when it tells us to “choose again”, and, if needed, again and again and again, until we make the optimum choice.

This essence helps us to undergo this process, literally erasing that old memory of what we used to think happened, and changing it to a new memory of what we now know happened, when we made a different choice back then in our “past”. This essence is obviously a very powerful tool for helping to erase old trauma memories.

The berries on this tree symbolize a past choice that someone made, to plant the tree! Some years ago, someone made that optimum choice, and the choice made then sure was the optimum choice for the present-day birds: these berries are a staple food-source for all the birds in the area every winter, when other food is scarce.

I have always been fascinated by really well-written Science Fiction time-travel stories, and this essence is the result of my ongoing love affair with these stories, in that I finally found a practical way to emulate those heroes in the stories, and to do my own time travelling. No high-tech equipment needed, just the full use of the inbuilt power of our own human consciousness, kind of like the story in the movie “Somewhere in Time”.

“I now time-travel back into my past and make the optimum choice(s).”

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This flower essence is one of our new “Zero Point Field” essences, which take the science of flower essences onto a different plane. For information about the Zero Point Field essences, see our Zero Point Field index page

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While looking at photo of flower.....

Breath slowly and deeply, and imagine the old stale energy leaving your body on each out-breath, and new, healing energy coming in with every in-breath. Connect with the energy of the flower.... sense its vibrancy, its life-force. Allow this vibrant and healing energy to enter your body, and to penetrate every cell and every atom of your body. Repeat the affirmation several times, while still also focussed on the flower. (The affirmation is in green, above.) Just allow the healing process to occur.... and stay with this flower for as long as it feels appropriate.

When finished, ask for the healing energies to continue to be “sent” to you on an ongoing basis for as long as needed. It is fine to do as many flowers, one after the other, as you feel drawn to do, in the one session. Come back as often as feels “right” for you, and repeat the process, either with the same flowers, or with different ones.

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