Small Red Dahlia flower essence - Time to grow up into adult-hood and maturity

It's time to grow up into adult-hood.

An essence to assist in the process of transforming oneself from the state of childhood (especially emotional and spiritual childhood) that all of humanity is stuck in.

“It is time to finally grow up”.

“It is time for the caterpillar to transform into the butterfly, and to spread its wings and fly, fly, fly!”

This essence assists us in this process, including the taking on of the responsibilities of true adult-hood, especially as we move fully into the New Reality.

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While looking at photo of flower.....

Breath slowly and deeply, and imagine the old stale energy leaving your body on each out-breath, and new, healing energy coming in with every in-breath. Connect with the energy of the flower.... sense its vibrancy, its life-force. Allow this vibrant and healing energy to enter your body, and to penetrate every cell and every atom of your body. Repeat the affirmation several times, while still also focussed on the flower. (The affirmation is in green, above.) Just allow the healing process to occur.... and stay with this flower for as long as it feels appropriate.

When finished, ask for the healing energies to continue to be “sent” to you on an ongoing basis for as long as needed. It is fine to do as many flowers, one after the other, as you feel drawn to do, in the one session. Come back as often as feels “right” for you, and repeat the process, either with the same flowers, or with different ones.

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